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Memphis Grizzlies film breakdown: endline out of bounds play against Houston Rockets

Against the Houston Rockets, everything went the Grizzlies' way, including a tremendous out of bounds play on the baseline for Beno Udrih.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

The Grizzlies have been one of the best teams in the league at out of bounds plays under second-year head coach Dave Joerger. He dials up creative sets with frequency, and it helps to have a veteran squad like the Grizzlies to execute his plays to perfection.

Against the Houston Rockets, Joerger designed a beautiful EOB (Endline Out of Bounds, also same thing as baseline) play for Beno Udrih that caught the Rockets off guard and gifted Udrih an easy layup. Here's the breakdown.

The four Grizzlies in play before the ball gets thrown inbounds align themselves in a simple, offset box formation before the play begins.

offset box

When the ref hands the ball to Quincy Pondexter, that triggers the first action: a back screen set for Vince Carter by Beno Udrih. Carter cuts underneath the rim as a decoy and takes his man with him. Of course, if the back screen freed Carter, Pondexter would have simply hit him for the easy bucket.

Been back screen

After the back screen is set, Jon Leuer screens for the screener (Udrih). As the ball is thrown in bounds to Koufos in the short corner, Udrih curls around the angled screen by Leuer.

beno curl play

Udrih does an excellent job hugging the screener's hip on his curl, and Leuer sets a good screen. This makes it difficult for even the super quick Patrick Beverley to trail Udrih. At the exact moment Udrih fully rounds the corner heading towards the rim, Koufos delivers a perfectly-timed lead pass.

beno into lane

Before any help defense can come, Udrih is into the lane and finishing at the rim with an easy layup. The defense on this play was atrocious, as all the Rockets not guarding Udrih were caught flat-footed. Beverley clearly needed help, and none came. Koufos' man must rotate down to cut off penetration, which he doesn't do. What little effort he gives to attempt to swipe the ball away is far too late.

The play is helped by Leuer popping and Carter clearing out to the corner after his cut to the rim. Kostas Papanikolaou can't sag off of Leuer to help on Udrih because Leuer would be left for a wide-open jumper on the pop after the screen. Carter clearing out of the paint means his defender can't help because Carter would be left with a wide-open jumper on a simple kick out from Udrih.

beno finish

This is a simple play call by Joerger that works in large part because it develops so quickly. The defense is forced to make quick decisions, and they obviously failed to do so in this instance. Joerger's development as a playcaller has been fun to watch over the last season and change. He's still a work in progress, but he seems to only be improving.