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Report Card: Grizzlies vs. Raptors | Player Performance Rankings

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The half sick Grizzlies fall to 10-2 in a gritty effort against the Toronto Raptors.

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Grizzlies Report Card

Grizzlies 92 - Raptors 96

Coach Dave Joerger:


I am learning as I do more and more grades that the A+ is reserved for amazing games that should be remembered. I think this is one of the single best coaching performances that the Memphis Grizzlies organization has seen since Hubie Brown roamed the sidelines. Being down five key rotation players against what is possibly the best team in the Eastern Conference and competing is an amazing feat. He blended the starters with the rookies and gave Tayshaun Prince ample opportunities to be successful. It would have been a much deserved Grizz win if not for fatigue and Kyle Lowry's massive stones.


Mike Conley: 42 MINS |19 PTS | 7-17 FGS | 10 REBS | 5 ASTS| +3


Mike Conley's performance tonight was amazing. If anyone is making a highlight video for a Conley All-Star bid, you should pull from this game. He was going at Kyle Lowry in the fourth quarter and Lowry could do nothing on defense. Lowry decided to take it out on him on the other end. Conely's defense was great, but Lowry is an incredible offensive player and he showed it late in the fourth quarter.

Quincy Pondexter: 25 MINS | 2 PTS | 2-6 FGS | 2 BLKS | -11


Quincy wasn't feeling well and it was obvious. He tried his best to be the cutter that Tony Allen is on offense, but that's almost impossible. I think that Demar Derozan may have whatever everyone else has after Pondexter was pretty much inside his jersey for most of the fourth quarter. Hopefully he is able to make an easier recovery than the other five sick guys.

Tayshaun Prince: 34 MINS | 15 PTS | 6-8 FGS | 3 REBS | -2


Someone alert Captain Jack Sparrow that Tayshaun found the fountain of youth. This was Prince's best game in a long time and it was because he went to the basket instead of forcing up jumpshots. He made a bunch of people, including me, look stupid. He struggled to guard Demar Derozan and Terrence Ross at times, but it was still a great game by the Grizzlies forward.

Oh and he did this.

(Video courtesy of Austin Reynolds)

Zach Randolph: 38 MINS | 18 PTS | 7-18 FGS | 18 REBS | +5


Z-Bo was in full on Z-Bo mode tonight. He was getting Z-Bounds (no they are not "Boogie Boards") like crazy, he punched someone in the throat on accident, and he fought every second he was on the floor. If it weren't for his poorly timed decision to iso Chuck Hayes in the final :30 seconds then the Grizzlies would have had a chance at a better look to tie the game. It was still an incredible effort against an athletic Toronto frontline.

Marc Gasol: 41 MINS | 22 PTS | 8-16 FGS | 12 REBS | 4 ASTS | -6


This was Max Money Marc at his best tonight against the Raptors. With Beno Udrih and Courtney Lee out, that meant when Mike Conley wasn't on the floor almost everything was going through Gasol. This isn't the first time he's had to do this so he thrived in this role. I could go without the post fadeaways that seem to ALWAYS rim out, but other than that he was on another level tonight.


Jarnell Stokes: 9 MINS | 4 PTS | 1-1 FGS| 3 REBS| -3


This wasn't the ideal game for the rookies to play their first big minutes of the season in, but Stokes showed he could bang with big bodies. I think in the nine minutes he played, he showed Memphis why everyone needs to be excited about his future.

Vince Carter: 28 MINS | 7 PTS| 3-11 FGS | 3 ASTS | +1


Eventually the shots are going to fall fall for Vince. Tonight wasn't his night. He has thrown all concepts of good shot selection out the window in an attempt to get hot, but it's not working. After a while he started creating for his teammates, something that has been consistent from him all season.

Jordan Adams: 17 MINS | 3 PTS | 1-2 FGS | 2 ASTS | +0


Coach Joerger was mostly hiding Adams in the corners on offense, but when he got the ball he seemed to be trying a bit too hard. That's usual with rookies, though, and I expect that, with time, Adams will find his comfort level. The Grizzlies rookie did show off his defensive ability with two steals.

Kalin Lucas: 6 MIN | 0 PTS | | 0-1 FGS | 1 STL | -7


Kalin did exactly what he was supposed to do in this game. All he had to do was be average enough and not hurt the Grizzlies. Mission accomplished from the D-League product.


Hassan Whiteside: DNP Coach's Decision

Inactive due to the stomach flu from hell

Courtney Lee

Tony Allen

Kosta Koufos

Jon Leuer

Beno Udrih

Player Performance Rankings: Grizzlies at Raptors