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Toronto Raptors vs. Memphis Grizzlies, Final Score 96-92: Grizzlies wear down after valiant effort on a short-handed night

The Grizzlies put forth a valiant effort, but simply fell short against the Raptors.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Toronto Raptors handed the Grizzlies just their second loss of the season Wednesday night, 96-92. Playing shorthanded due to a crazy stomach virus running rampant through the locker room, the Grizzlies put up their grittiest effot to date, but just came up short down the stretch.

Memphis would lead for a majority of the game, including mounting a double-digit advantage in the third quarter, but ultimately, the short bench was too much to overcome, and tired legs (and Terrance Ross) prevailed down the stretch.  Marc Gasol led the way for Memphis with 22 and 12, but missed two crucial free throws late in the fourth. Zach Randolph also had 18 and 18.

Stay tuned for grades and a full recap. Until then, sound off with your thoughts on the game Grizzlies fans!