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GBB Banter: Getting to Know the People in Your Grizzlyhood: Kevin Yeung

...They are the people that you meet each at Grizzly Bear Blues

Andy Lyons

There are a lot of new faces around here, and some veterans as well. We here at Grizzly Bear Blues wanted to allow them to introduce themselves. So without any more’s victim participant: Kevin Yeung

Introduce yourself...Who are you? Where are you?? What do you do???
Hey! My name is Kevin. I was born and raised in metro Vancouver, but I flew over to Toronto for university this summer. I'm a first year student in the Sport Media program at Ryerson University, and I also do sports on the Internet at Grizzly Bear Blues (duh) and SBN Thunder site Welcome to Loud City.

How did you start writing here??

The SB Nation network caught my eye basically the day I started reading, and I built up a portfolio around the Internet to be able to make a strong application. I sent it in to Kevin Lipe right around the time he left for the Memphis Flyer, so I might actually be the last dude he approved into the site. Woo.

Who are your biggest influences for writing?

Zach Lowe is far and away my number one influence. He's amazingly on point in his analysis while writing with an engaging voice, and while many other writers are able to build a following on their prose or humor, being technically and thoroughly correct like Lowe is what appeals to me. And then when I get worried that I'm too focused on the gritty basketball details and not focused enough on being an accessible and interesting writer, I look to folks like Andrew Sharp, Matt Moore and countless more for good prose. Which, of course, is an important part of writing that I've probably been neglecting.

When did you become a Grizzlies fan??

At some point in my early childhood, when I saw teal jerseys on TV and the Vancouver Grizzlies logo on various pieces of memorabilia around the city. It just kinda stuck with me even though I didn't really watch basketball. When I really started watching hoops in '07 or '08-ish, I kind of floated around the regulars on national TV (KG-led Celtics, LeBron-led Cavs, Nash-led Suns) for a while, but eventually rediscovered the Grizzlies. Right around the time that Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph hit it off as a frontcourt pairing, and grit-and-grind became a thing.

What is your greatest moment as a Grizzlies fan??

Honestly, it might've been the second half (post-Marc injury) of last season. After such a crushingly depressing first half, they turned it around in such a way that I don't think I've ever enjoyed being a Grizzlies fan as much as that second half stretch.

Lowest Moment????

In retrospect, when they left Vancouver. I was young enough that I didn't really notice when they left in 2001, but now I wish they stayed home for my own benefit. But as far as I can tell, Memphis has been a great home for the team too!

Who is your favorite Grizzlies player of all time??

Bryant Reeves.

What’s your favorite piece of Grizzlies swag?

What’s your favorite sport besides basketball?

Hockey. Go Canucks.

Quick Hits:

Entry music if you were a professional wrestler

I'd be a heel.

Everyone has a level of nerd...something that you like or know waaaaay too much about...what’s yours?

Apart from basketball? I guess the answer has to be shoes.
Name something you like that everyone else will think is strange...and you don’t care

Spring Breakers. It's one of my favorite movies.
Settle a bet between me and my wife...Sam Cooke or Otis Redding?

Otis Redding.

Coke or Pepsi?


Best Kanye West album? #robertperastyle

Yeezus. Come at me.

Finally, give me three statements about any order...two that are true and one that is a lie...

I thought Justin Bieber's Journals album was fantastic.
I'm a huge fan of Sonny Weems.
I liked Fool's Gold (Matthew McConaughey, Kate Hudson) a lot.

Thanks can read more of him here at GBB (where you should read this), at Welcome to Loud City (where you should also read this), and on Twitter