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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Charlotte

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Charlotte Hornets fans react to last nights 71-69 defeat.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The following are actual comments gathered from Charlotte forums.

"One random note: Tony Allen is lucky the NBA doesn't assess fouls the way professional soccer does. When he pulled MKG's arm on a breakaway early in the game that was a blatant foul denying a goal scoring attempt and would have received a yellow card if not a red by a soccer ref. The foul against MKG later in the game was a blatant body block, not going for the ball and poorly timed. In soccer it would be called extremely cynical, a professional foul meant to destroy the opponent's forward momentum. It would merit another definite yellow, and a red card ejection on the accumulation of two yellows in one game. In soccer, Allen would have been tossed and Memphis would play a man down."

"well i picked the wrong game to pay $60 for but I got lower level and I have a Hugo bobble head out of it"

"The Grizzlies are slow and no fun to watch."

"Memphis has always been an awful matchup for us. Both offenses were absolutely horrendous, you won't get an argument otherwise, but they neutralize just about every single one of our advantages."

"I usually hate to blame refs, but gall, should that foul by Allen on MKG should have been something more than a regular foul? And the "travel" on Al was the obvious result of a bloody mugging. Dubious calls."

"We let Memphis play the two man game with Conley and Gasol late and they got good looks every possession. Have to make someone else beat us."

"That's easily the worst loss I've ever seen in person and I am incredibly pissed off right now."

"Had date night tonight so recorded the game. Looking at that final score, not sure I want to watch it."

"Cody Zeller was a tremendous asset for Memphis tonight"

"Well that was a disaster."

"Memphis is the likely WCF contender, so its not a terrible loss."

"That was a horrible game. I didn't even think Memphis played well but our offense was just completely anemic tonight"

"Really intense defense-oriented game. Some of that awful offensive display was obviously self-inflicted, but both teams did play stellar D at different stages."

"This loss on Kemba who got abused by Conley for the last minute"

"How can Prince have enough time to call a time out but Marv not enough time, who was standing right next to him, to foul him???"

"I am so pissed off after that game that I can barely talk"

"Would have won if not for the stupid ass foul by marvin Williams on Gasol."