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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Toronto

Find out how Raptors fans reacted to last night's win over the Grizzlies

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

The following are actual comments gathered from Toronto forums.

Hayes played hilariously good defense. Like it's insane to watch how impossible it is to move him. But is Memphis stupid? Hayes is a one trick pony. He plays man defense in the post... that's it. Why the hell would you try to post him up if that's the only thing he does well? Clearly there was no scouting report for him (possibly hasn't been for years).

Gasol made some tough shots, literally nothing we could do. Even Conley made a tough shot after. The Raptors defense was great overall down the stretch, and I am pumped they put enough together on offence to win it.

VC tribute was well done. Not over the top, but provided a killer moment.

Good team I never want to play again because they have players that know how to rebound and we don't.

Great game, but let's be real the grizz played without five guys, 2 of them being starters. We need to play better in 3rd quarters and vasquez needs to stop bricking.

If you were to tell me Randolph/Gasol would get 40/30 AND the refs would be blatantly against us I'd say we lost by 20. But... Chuck HAYES!!!! cot daamn.

Biggest win of the season.

Losing Lee was a blow for the Grizzlies. He was playing really well coming into this game.

Great win! Even without their two best perimeter defenders and consistent outside threat, the victory is huge for dem raps!

The grizz were missing 5 guys. Tony allen would have been key defensively on lowry/derozan down the stretch.

Big big big win. I can't believe we won.

Just a fantastic win by the Raps tonight! Both Gasol and Conley hit some very tough shots in the 4th, but the Raps didn't get discouraged and just kept fighting. Very hard not to love this team!

I think if all those players werent out Memphis would have played worse as Randolph and Gasol had GOAT games and Conely played pretty well too.

Anyone that might bring up Courtney Lee and Tony Allen just shut it. Games play differently and who knows maybe their bigs don't have such a dominant game today if those two played.

If they had Lee and Allen refs wouldn't have felt as sorry for the Grizzlies and thus less BS calls.

GREAT win against a very good team. They made some fluky shots too with good D on them.

Big Win! BIG BIG Win!!!

-Refs didn't give us much

-Got beat on the boards again

-Punished us down low

Still Grind out a Victory from a Team that knows how to Grind... Nice Statement!