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Where's Beno? Grizzlies fans will have a chance to track down and meet Beno Udrih this season.


Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

From, the Grizzlies announce that Beno Udrih will be playing a season-long social media game that will give Memphis fans a chance to track down Beno's location from clues and tips he offers through his Twitter account, @BenoUdrih19.

It's brilliantly simple and amazingly awesome. Go find Beno and get to meet him, take photos and get autographs.

This will only further cement Udrih's status as fan favorite, and honestly he's now approaching pretty epic levels of fan-awesomeness. Nicest Grizzly ever?

I'm not sure if I'll ever track Beno down, but I can say that I'm extremely interested to see where he ends up posting up for fans during the season. Can we get him at the Prince Mongo castle by any chance?