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Report Card: Memphis Grizzlies vs Boston Celtics | Player Performance Rankings

The Memphis Grizzlies avoid the mud with a blowout win over the Boston Celtics. The Grizzlies move to 11-2 with the Los Angeles Clippers up next at home.

Grizzlies Report Card

Grizzlies 117 - Celtics 100

Coach Dave Joerger:


Coach Joeger with another fantastic game managing a rotation missing two members. I think that he could have pulled the starters a little bit earlier since the game was over, but overall Joerger had a great game on the sidelines.


Mike Conley: 28 MINS | 15 PTS | 6-9 FGS | 8 ASTS | +22


Mike Conley completely outplayed Rajon Rondo tonight. He was superior to the triple-double king in every possible way tonight. The seasoned point guard moved the ball well and hit his open shots, 3-4 from three point range, the whole game.

Courtney Lee: 27 MINS | 5 PTS | 2-5 FGS | 2 ASTS | +20


A lingering case of Grizzbola brought Courtney Lee's shooting numbers back to Earth for a game. I was surprised he played 30 minutes considering how sick he was a few days ago.

Tayshaun Prince: 26 MINS | 7 PTS | 3-9 FGS | 7 REBS | +12


Tayshaun has been all about shutting people up the last two games. I think he could have gone to the rim more like he did against the Raptors instead of forcing up jumpshots. The jumpers he is making are mostly wide open except that awesome three to end the first half. I hope we see this Tayshaun when the Grizzbola has passed and everyone is back in the rotation.

Zach Randolph: 27 MINS | 16 PTS | 7-12 FGS | 16 REBS | 4 ASTS | +9


ZBo was in pure "I'm going to dominate these weaker dudes" mode tonight. He was muscling for every board and wrecking Jared Sullinger in the post. Opposing teams have to realize by now that he is going to kill you inside if you guard him with a smaller defender or Jared Sullinger. This was his third 15+ rebound game of the season.

Marc Gasol: 30 MINS | 32 PTS | 13-22 FGS | 8 REBS | 1 BLKS | +16


If Marc Gasol was a recruit looking to put his highlights up on Youtube this would be the game he used. I think he made every single person that tried to guard him in the post look absolutely silly. Big Spain completely broke the will of poor Kelly Olynyk, who drew the short match and was forced to guard Gasol. The output was impressive, but so was Gasol's willingness to keep shooting. This Grizzlies offense revolves around Gasol and when he is this good they are unstoppable.


Jon Leuer: 22 MINS | 19 PTS | 9-13 FGS | 7 REBS | 4 ASTS | +10


The person that was using Jon Leuer's jersey at the beginning of the season has disappeared. This is the Jon Leuer Grizzlies fans were expecting and raving over during the offseason. He broke out the whole arsenal tonight using his athleticism to score, post moves and that silky smooth jumper. I foolishly jumped off the bandwagon a couple of games ago and I don't really know the rules about jumping back on. I think this Jon Leuer that is efficient, confident and doesn't look like he's cemented to the floor is the best player on the Grizzlies bench. The best part of Leuer's game was the fact that Marc Gasol was able to stay on the bench and rest without it killing the team.

The following are nicknames that will be used by me going forward (yes all caps is necessary):

TENNESSEE DIRK (credit to Dan Devine of Yahoo Sports on that one. It's fantastic and my favorite.)





I ran out, but I am open to suggestions.

Beno Udrih: 26 MIN | 9  PTS | | 4-9 FGS | 3 AST | +0


For some reason Beno Udrih decided in the first half that he wanted to start jump passing like he was DRose. It didn't work out for him. That's my only gripe about Beno's good all around game. He ran the second unit's offense as well as anyone could and blended with the starters well.

Vince Carter: 22 MINS | 8 PTS| 3-8 FGS | 4 ASTS | +3


Eventually the shots will start consistently falling for Carter. He did shoot 2-4 from three point range, but struggled inside the arc. I think that he is one of the better passers on this team and that was on display tonight with his 4 assists.

Kosta Koufos: 15 MINS | 4 PTS | 1-2 FGS | 1 REBS | -3


Koufos didn't see much of the floor and the Grizzlies didn't need him with TENNESSEE DIRK doing work. This really isn't the game where the team needs Koufos since the Celtics take so many jumpshots. He should be well rested come Sunday against the Clippers.

Jordan Adams: 13 MINS | 2 PTS | 0-2 FGS | 2 ASTS | -6


It was pretty obvious that Jordan Adams needs time. I think he is still adjusting to the speed of the NBA game and playing within an offense. And that's not bad he's a rookie and this is what happens with rookies. Despite all of that he has found small ways to be effective on offense and defense by racking up 2 steals and 2 assists.

Jarnell Stokes: 1 MINS | 1 REBS

I don't think Jarnell was eligible to be graded in his one minute played. In that one minute he grabbed a ferocious rebound so that was pretty cool.


Quincy Pondexter: DNP Grizzbola

Tony Allen: DNP Grizzbola

PPR: Grizzlies vs. Celtics