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Grizzlies vs. Celtics: Head Coach Dave Joerger's Press Conference Recap

"It was a good, professional win by our guys."

Joe Murphy

Memphis Grizzlies head coach Dave Joerger took to the podium after defeating the Boston Celtics Friday night by a final of 117-100.

"I won't be so long tonight. We all kind of seem like we're coming down with stuff." And Joerger looked like he felt awful the entire length of the press conference. The guy's face had zero color.

Joerger's general thoughs on tonight's win: "I thought we took care of the basketball very well; we executed well; we got the ball in the paint. We did a nice job of boxing out on long shots-long rebounds, and that helped propel our offense. This was a dangerous little game because they are very athletic and will get out and run on you."

Coach Joerger on his two horses inside, Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol: "I was impressed. Zach and Marc got work done."

But, as Joerger points out, the big guys couldn't have done it without their do-everything point guard, Mike Conley: "Mike Conley set those guys up so well offensively that we took advantage of some things. Mike just makes the right read almost every time."

Joerger on Jon Leuer's impressive night: "He was good. I know he's sick, and he's playing his tail off. He made some shots which is good to see. I mean, he can hardly keep his head up right now, so we need to get some fluids in these guys and get ready for Sunday."

With a big game, at least from a rivalry standpoint, coming up on Sunday, here's what Joerger had to say about who will be available for the game against the Clippers: "We still don't know who's going to play on Sunday. Some of the guys who are healthy now may be ill by Sunday. (The illness) just kind of works its way through."

Joerger on being able to manage the number of minutes-played tonight after having to really push his starters minutes-wise in their game at Toronto on Wednesday: "I was happy that we kept everybody's minutes under 30. We got good minutes and contributions form a lot of different places...We're obviously not going to go very hard (in practice) tomorrow at this point with the bodies we have. They need to rest. The Clippers did not play tonight or tomorrow night, so they'll be rested and ready to go."

Nick Calathes' suspension ended tonight, and he'll be available for Sunday night's game against the Clippers. Joerger's thoughts on the return of his backup point guard: "We're a team that, going forward, needs a little bit of play-making, so there's times where we may play those two guys (Mike Conley and Nick Calathes) together. You're probably not going to see the combination of Beno (Udrih) and Nick (Calathes) together very often. But either of them with Mike (Conley) at times. I did it for almost six minutes tonight, and I thought it was very effective for us. It opens up the floor and gets Mike Conley some rest on offense and let's him be a spot shooter. I'm looking forward to (Calathes' suspension) being over. For him, it's been a tough road because you know you're not playing tonight. You know you're not playing next week, and you can only do so much individual work to get yourself in game-shape. Our team misses him, and we're looking forward to having him back. How it plays itself out, we shall see."

Lastly, Joerger was asked is he was feeling alright, and he simply said, "No."