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Twitter Recap: Whooping Clips and Marc Gasol's amazingness

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A complete Twitter recap of the Grizzlies dismantling of the Los Angeles Clippers.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

A little news before the game:

Everyone is finally back! Grizzbola has passed and the starting five that has been so great this season is fully healthy. This means that someone has to be inactive every game and Jordan Adams drew the short straw tonight. I expect him to be sent to the D-League soon.

The game:

That did happen and it was amazing. #TrickorTreatTony was in full effect tonight.



It was so much fun to watch and be a part of. Gasol went crazy and the Clippers looked shell shocked.

One of my favorite parts of the game was Quincy guarding CP3 the moment he touched the ball.

Yea everyone was getting antsy. It was like the Grizzlies would never score again.


Yea it was weird. But...

Grizzlies moved to 12-2. Speaking of Marc.

Marc Gasol:

Wendigo is a pretty fantastic nickname. Grizz nation has taken to the nickname fantastically.

Seems like you aren't the only one. And you shouldn't be.

Poor Deandre. He had no chance in this game.

Oh Joe....

#AgressiveMarc is the best Marc.

He isn't wrong...

On the Clippers:


Oh man... #weatherfolksburn

He wouldn't do that would he...maybe...nah he wouldn't pull a Curt Schilling.

More than a few issues in my opinion.

I really thought the Clippers would be better then this. It's really disappointing this game wasn't more competitive.

The Guru weighs in:

The game in one tweet: