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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Los Angeles

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Find out how Clippers fans reacted to last nights loss in Memphis

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

The following are actual comments gathered from Clippers forums.

I think there are couple things going on with the Blake zbo match up. It's mental for sure. That's probably the biggest thing going on. Also they play team defense against Blake when he is in the post. Gasol can pretty much double Blake every time or sneak up on him and attempt to shot block. Stupid dj and his nonexistent offense... Plus Blake is dumb so he thinks him being open for those 19 footers is not on purpose.

It wasn't even close. The sad part is it didn't even surprise me. I just sat in silence watching the game. Good teams have figured us out unfortunately.

What an embarrassing loss for the Clips. Just when I thought they had it figured out winning the last two games playing well, they get clobbered by the Grizzlies. Dang.

I am in serious envy of the Memphis Grizzlies and even the Warriors --- both teams seem to have improved from last year's efforts.

Overall, we're a very good team that look amazing against average teams. But disappear against great teams.

The first thing i would do: trade blake. he's been on a decline since his 2nd season(rebounding, hustle) to get a guy like randolph (NOT randolph). this team just need that low post bruiser who can get into peoples heads and REABOUND the f*king ball.

wow gasol is playing like a MVP.

Grizzlies are just a better team period.

Aren't they a .700 team with Marc Gasol dating back to last year, or something ridiculous like that. As much as I hate to admit it, they are the better team.

We don’t have the kind of consistency from our stars that Memphis has from theirs.

Just can't beat that team!

t allen beastin, good defense always makes others look stupid, I remeber mj and pip use to do this.

Zachary Randolph was underrated when he played for Clippers.

Memphis is on a roll!

marc gasol & zbo too much for clippers soft front court.