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Report Card: Memphis Grizzlies vs. Portland Trail Blazers

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Grizzlies stay alive with the win over the Trailblazers in Portland, and now possess the best record in the NBA at 14-2.

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Grizzlies Report Card

Grizzlies 112 - Trailblazers 99

Coach Dave Joerger:


Coach keeps stringing together good performances. Many people are talking about Gasol as an early MVP candidate, but I think Joerger needs some Coach of the Year love. This offense is on another level thanks to him.


Mike Conley: 38 MINS | 21 PTS | 8-17 FGS | 10 REBS| 9 ASTS | +21


Everyone in Memphis wanted Mike to get that triple-double. I implore Grizz nation to not announce the fact that he is so close to a triple-double with 4 minutes left in the game. It without a doubt in my mind jinxed him. Conley was robbed of his trip-dub in one of his best games of the year. He was consistently hitting the open man or putting teammates in position to succeed. If there was any doubt about him being an elite point guard it vanished as everyone watched him outplay Damian Lillard.

Courtney Lee: 30 MINS | 13 PTS | 5-9 FGS | 3 ASTS | +3


I think that Wesley Matthews has some personal vendetta against the Grizzlies. It feels like almost everytime the Grizzlies and Blazers play Matthews is lighting someone else up. Tonight Lee fell victim Matthews crazy shot making ways. Lee was still great on offense with his pullup jumpers and shooting 50% from three.

Tony Allen: 33 MINS | 11 PTS | 4-6 FGS | 5 REBS | +9


You know when a game is over? When Tony Allen hits a corner three in your face. TA had a few moments in this game, but overall was good on offense and defense. He may be one of the best off ball cutters in the league which nobody talks about enough.

Zach Randolph: 32 MINS | 14 PTS | 7-13 FGS | 13 REBS | +10


Z-Bo loves playing in Portland. It gives him a chance to stick it to his old team and stick it to them he did. Missing all five of his free throws is out of character for Randolph and would have come back to bit them if Portland gotten closer.

Marc Gasol: 36 MINS | 26 PTS | 9-15 FGS | 7 REBS | 9 ASTS| +16


Marc joined Mike Conley in the triple-double watch. The Portland frontline had no chance at stopping Gasol at any point tonight. When they tried to double him he found the open man, or when he was left alone he scored. It was a fantastic performance from the early MVP candidate.


Quincy Pondexter: 23 MINS | 10 PTS | 4-5 FGS | 5 REBS | +11


Good Quincy Pondexter showed up tonight. The one that knows his role and doesn't force anything made an impact tonight against the Blazers. He has to realize that this is what he has to do night-in and night-out. Realizing he is not the playmaker he so wants to be is essential going forward.

Kosta Koufos: 14 MINS | 2 PTS | 1-1 FGS | 2 REBS | 2 BLKS | +1


Kosta really could play 25-30 minutes a night and this team wouldn't suffer. In his limited bench minutes, Koufos showed off his wide array of skills tonight. He blocked a couple shots (one was a chasedown), grabbed some rebounds, and anchored the defense for the bench. Koufos is quickly becoming one of the more underrated bench players in the league.

Jon Leuer: 14 MINS | 7 PTS | 3-5 FGS | 2 REBS | +1


When TENNESSEE DIRK is playing consistent, care-free basketball, this Grizzlies bench is hard to stop. I think he needs more minutes, but it's hard to find some when he is playing behind the best front line in the league. Leuer showed he was unafraid of this highly touted Blazers front line, and helped keep Gasol on the bench in the second quarter.

Beno Udrih: 10 MIN | 6 PTS | 3-7 FGS | 1 AST | -10


That midrange jumpshot was falling tonight! Beno really is a joy to watch run the point sometimes. His defense could use some work, but other than that he's alright.

Vince Carter: 9 MINS | 2 PTS| 1-6 FGS | 1 STL | +5


I think this could be becoming a problem. Carter has been able to make up for his poor shooting in other areas, but tonight that didn't happen. Instead, he struggled on both ends. I don't know if it's because of his lingering ankle issues or if it's just a slump, but I do know Vince is struggling.

Jarnell Stokes: 1 MIN


Tayshaun Prince: DNP Coach's Decision

Nick Calathes: DNP Coach's Decision