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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Portland

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Find out how Portland fans reacted to last night's loss against the Grizzlies

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The following are actual comments gathered from Portland forums.

Gasol is a monster.

Good news is it's only one game. Memphis seems to have Portland's number right now.

Memphis played good defense, the Blazers spent a lot of time bricking wide open shots including a ton missed inside by Aldridge, Lopez, & Kaman.

Memphis seems to throw the Blazers off with their physical play but Portland had trouble getting their share of loose balls. Other than Matthews, none of their guys could make an open shot and they missed a ton of shots in the painted area. Gotto hand it to the Grizzlies who moved the ball well and made their shots. Gasol played like the max contract player he will be this coming summer.

It's been said the first game back from a road trip is much like another road game and add the fact the Grizzlies were 13-2, bad omens.

Not surprised Portland lost. honestly, other than San Antonio, Memphis scares me the most should Portland run into any team in the playoffs. it's a shame the winning streak didn't hit ten, but such is Portland's schedule.

There's no shame in losing to Memphis, but losing by more than 10 at home is a bit disappointing.

Memphis is just a good team and their physicality doesn't match up well for Portland. did the Blazers, for the most part, shoot terribly? yes. did Memphis actually play defense? yes. sometimes, you have to give credit where it's due instead of trying to critique or place blame on the Blazers.

wtf was with the refs holding the ball on inbounds and slowing the game down on multiple occasions tonight?

We just played arguably the best team in the west. I'm not sweating it.

I don't hate Aldridge, but I don't think he's worth the max and he shoots too much. I'd prefer Gasol over him any day. Gasol is a much better all-round player.

Geez! Blazers got their butts wacked tonight and it didn't sound like they belonged on the floor with the grizz.

Grizz are playing like the NBA's best team. Bad time to face them, i'd rather face them a few times near the end of the season so we can really gouge how good we are then and know how they will play if we face them in the playoffs.

Really don't want to face these guys in the playoffs.

They are going to destroy Toronto in the finals.

We've had a tough time against these guys for 3 years, more of the same tonight.

At least our win streak ended against the best team in the NBA.