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GBB Over/Under- Blogpost of Horror Edition

Your spooky look into what s over and under rated with the Memphis (Scene of a) Grizzlie(Murder)s, the NB(oo)A, and Death, Nothingness, and Nothing Else

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports



I mean What's up?!?!?!

Welcome to the spookiest Over/Under of the year!!!  First...some (blood curdling) shout outs!!!!!

S/O to the Grizzlies for bringing basketball back in mine and my family's television

S/O  to all the staff guys and gals that have written non-stop about this upcoming season...

Quick List: Best Halloween nicknames for GBB Staff


2) Joe MuRDERllinax

3) C. GrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRrrrrrrrRRRRRRRrrrrrrrBrrr (that is supposed to be like a was funnier in my head).

4) Adam REDRUM Rubrum


Honrable Mention to NO MERCY, NO Grace Baker and ChipPED TEETH Williams.

S/O to anyone who had to cover that Grizzlies/Bobcats Hornets debacle Saturday night.  There should be a parade for you.

ANd S/O to you, dear reader.  We made it through the offseason.

Lets kick this pig!!!!



The Memphis Grizzlies

This week, the Grizzlies are 3-0 with wins against the Minnesota Timberwolves, the Indiana Pacers, and the Charlotte Bobcats Hornets!!!!!!

Everything is Awesome!!!!!!!


The best front court in basketball??- I try not to over-react to the first week of the season (THE GRIZZ ARE GOING 82-0 BABYYYYYY) I just want to put up the Gasol and Z Bo's lines from the first three games:

Marc Gasol- 32/20/22 points and 9/6/8 rebounds

Z-Bo- 25/22/12 points and 13/13/12 rebounds, and one Al Jefferson split lip.

Z-Bo with his 406th, 407th, and 408th double double of his career.

Best front court?  I would say long as they stay healthy...



Bench Play- While the starters have been good, the bench...not so much.  Remember at the beginning of the season when we thought the HCDJ would have too many it turns out...the bench has given very little.  Observe:

Minnesota: 10 points on 3-12 shooting and a +/- of -25

Indiana: 21 points on 8-18 shooting and a +/- of -1 (And most of this was Tayshaun Prince in the second half...see below).

Charlotte: 20 Points on 7-24 shooting and a +/- of -3

Altogether, the bench has produced 51 points on 33% shooting.  Not good.  Especially disappointing has been the play of Kosta Koufus (isn't he in a contract year?), and Jon Leuer.  Leuer has an excuse with this being his first real playing time with the Grizzlies.  But Kosta looks lost.  And 1 point and 3 rebounds per game ain't cutting it at all.

And that three point shooting the the bench was supposed to improve....23rd in the league in attempts, shooting a whopping 31%.

I'm sure if this keeps up everything will be fine...



Tayshaun DNP- Tayshaun received a DNP-CD for the first game of the season.  This was an interesting statement from HCDJ.  Starting Courtney Lee was a surprise, but not playing Prince was an even bigger surprise.  However, I thought that it wouldn't be crazy if it stayed that way.



Tayshaun starting?

That blood is the collective head exploding from Grizzlies Twitter when it was announced shortly before game time Saturday that Tayshaun would be starting.  He did play pretty well in the second half against Indiana, and was a non-factor in the Charlotte game.  If there was a bigger sign that Jordan Adams won't be playing this season very much, it was with one wing down...Jordan Adams still played zero minutes.

Personally, I do not blame HCDJ with giving the rookies very little playing time.  They can be developed early without getting minutes.  However, there will come a time that the team will need to start developing them...and I have a solution.    It is what the NHL does with their rookies.  Hockey rookies, like the NHL, are slotted into scaled salaries.  The difference is that in the NHL, a team can bring up a rookie at the beginning of the season for ten games without burning a year of his contract.  If they are good enough to make the team and get minutes...then they will.  If not...they go back to Juniors or any other minor league hockey teams to continue development.  The key is that the players stay on their rookie salaried until they play at least ten NHL games.  With the NBADL growing in popularity, this would be an interesting option for rookies in the future, and a good opportunity for coaches to really use the D-League for development.


A Halloween Under-rated

The best Memphis Grizzlies' Halloween themed nicknames:

4) Z- BOO

3) "Heeerrrreeeee's" Jon Leuer

2) Jordan Adams Family

And the best Halloween themed nickname.....

1) TayShaun of the Dead

I think you got red on you....



The Hate List

*This portion of the O/U will track the despicable, terrible, and not nice teams on the Grizzlies hate list.  This list includes the San Antonio Spurs, the OKC Thunder, the LA Clippers, and apparently this week....Roy Hibbert's knee*

The Hate List Record: 4-4 (Roy Hibbert's knee is currently undefeated)



Fantasy Basketball-With the beginning of the NBA season comes the beginning of Fantasy basketball.  Now, we all know there is usually only one person who has fun in a fantasy league (the winner) , and nine to eleven people who think its stupid.  Most of the time, the best thing is naming the team and doing the draft.

So I am in two fantasy leagues this year.  The first is a standard rotisserie league, where my team is TayShaun of the Dead.  My roster is as follows:

PG- Jeff Teague

SG- James Harden

SF- Rudy Gay (Grumble)

PF- Andre Drummond

C- Chris Bosh

BE- Brandon Jennings, Joe Johnson, Carlos Boozer (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAND 1), and Tyreke Evans

Nothing special, although I currently sit in second place out of twelve.

But earlier in the year I began to can I make fantasy basketball suck less...and then it hit me...

What about a league that rewarded bad play, bad basketball, and just the leagues bozos in general.  A unfantasy league if you will.

So I did, and invited some of the writers on GBB and some folks from Twitter to join.

Here's the rundown on scoring:

Shots attempted are their point values, so a free throw is one, and FG is two, and a 3pt is three.  But if the player makes the shot, the points are subtracted.

Five points per turnover

Ten points for fouls

Twenty Five points for Technical Fouls

Fifty points for ejections

And just to make sure that good players are discouraged from being taken...there is a -10, -25, and -50 point penalty for double doubles, triple doubles, and quadruple-doubles.

The roster for my team, Marvin Barnes' Time Machine:

PG- Darren Collison

SG- Monta Ellis- High Volume shooter who is bad at shooting, and will never have a double-double because he would have to pass

SF- Khrys Middleton

PF- Amir Johnson- he lead the league in fouls last year...this year...not so much

C- Roy Hibbert

BE- Gerald Green, Gordon Hayward, and JaVale McGee

How's that for another slice of fried gold.  I will try to remember to update during the season...especially if I am winning.


The GOAT on Twitter- Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player that ever lived.  Anyone who disagrees is either too young to remember him, or blind.

There can be no other opinion.  Not Lebron, not Kobe, not even Magic or the Basketball Jesus...just MJ.

Which is why when I saw this:

You might say that I was intrigued...let's take a loot at the GOAT on Twitter



How many times do you think Kobe has faxed his own house with I'm back trying to be like Jordan?




Thought Jordan would be a suit guy at work...or at least a sweat suit.



Bet you $100 that Jordan still thinks he could get 20 a night.


Best interaction, with Keegan Bradley, pro golfer... I'm sure that was Jordan with that one.  I bet the GOAT has lost a LOOOOOOTTTTTTT of money to Keegan over the years.


Answer: Yeah...I'm so rich I could own you...I already own Patrick Ewing



No MJ....the pleasure was all ours.

Now how do I unfollow this account?


Kobe Bryant's "Hold Me Back" moment- This was bogus-


-Why is Reggie Miller still calling games?  This is why I hate cable.

-Dwight throwing that elbow was classic, but...

-Did this totally feel like some WWE maybe they hadn't worked it all out before, but Kobe knew that the first time Howard gets in my way I'm gonna yell at him.

-Isn't going after Howard like picking a fight with your big, dumb, younger brother?  Knowing him, Dwight probably just farted.

-Holy crap are the Lakers going to suck this season.

-Hey Kobe...WWMJD???

Halloween Under-rated

The scariest picture of the weekend- There were some great basketball Halloween costumes, including Nick Young as Rick James, Serge Ibaka as the Prince from Coming to America, and QPon and Jon Leuer as the guys from White Men Can't Jump.

But...besides Anthony Davis play in the first two games...the scarriest image from the NBA week was...

Are you sure you're ready for this???



I don't think you are....its pretty terrifying.....



So you're still in???



I tried to warn you....


Here we go....




Creeps me out every time....

Death, Nothingness, and Nothing Else

Early one morning last week, my wife got out of bed, brought me her phone while I was getting dressed, and announced:

"Our Spotify App says the the Drive By Truckers' "Sh#T Shots Count Live" is now available."

This made me realize that I have not written about music since my foray into trying to imitate Wright Thompson writing about Ryan Adams.  And now I do a great impersonation of Thompson's voice*, so its fun to go back and read it in that drawl.

OK...its not a great impersonation of WT...its an impersonation of me impersonating my wife impersonating Jason Kirk impersonating Wright Thompson...its deep.

So here we go again.


Primus "Primus and the Chocolate Factory"- Quick story.  When I was in the middle of my college years, a buddy of mine got married.  The wedding was in the middle-of-nowhere-central-Mississippi, in a town with a stoplight, a Fred's, a cheeeeaaaaapppppp motel, and that's about it.  The morning before the wedding, we were all staying at said cheap motel, and the groom came by to rouse everyone out of their rooms.  In each of the groomsmen rooms, we were all watching Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the Gene Wilder one, not that flaming pile of garbage Johnny Depp made).

Saying all that to say...I like that movie.  And when I read the Primus was doing a re imagining of the music from that film, I was in.  Now...I haven't really thought about Primus since Winona's Big Brown Beaver, but this is a weird and interesting look at an already weird and interesting soundtrack.


Weezer- This one hurts my soul.  It all started earlier this year, when Grantland did a retrospective of Weezer's Blue Album turning twenty years old, which make me feel ancient...mostly because I had this album on tape.  However, I was not a huge fan of this album at the time.  I fell in love with Weezer with the release of Pinkerton.  But those two albums represent a large part of my musical adolescence.

However, after that the whole trains just comes off the tracks....

2001's The Green Album- Good, but not great.  Came off the heels of Rivers Cuomo taking 5 years off to go to Harvard.  Still, after five think you could put an album together longer than 38 minutes.

2002's Maladroit- Bad Album, good video with the Muppets

2005's Make Believe- I was actually excited about this one...and highly disappointed.  This was the last Weezer album I ever bought and I knew that if I didn't like this one I probably would never like one of their albums again.

2008's The Red Album- Blah

2009's Raditude- Bleh

2010's Hurley- I don't think I have ever listened to this one all the way through.

And now...this year's attempt has passed me by and left me cold.  This was billed at their attempt to get back to some glory from the get Back to the Shack and start all over.  And it just doesn't work for me.  I know bands are supposed to change as much as their audience changes (we all can't be Reel Big Fish, who haven't changed in almost twenty years).  Maybe I'm the one that changed.

I just can't do it anymore.  At least I will always have "El Scorcho" and songs that rhyme dumb with lesbian.


Run the Jewels 2- Confession...

I am 33.9 years old.  I am behind on Run the Jewels.  I have always been a Killer Mike fan since that great verse on The Whole World.  And I may not be the standard hip hop audience nor an authority on the matter.

But this album is great...and not just in the "this is the latest and coolest thing so it must be great"...I mean great...

I love how the tracks are harsh and rough, but smooth and fit well together.

I love how the tracks run from end to end.

My favorite is Close Your Eyes, mostly because teenage Matty is excited that Zach de la Rocha is back in my existence without all the political nonsense.  I share Chuck Klosterman's opinion on Rage Against the Machine...I love the music and generally assume that whoever they want released from jail was guilty. should listen to Run the Jewels...then buy it...then buy it again and give it to a friend...because it is that good.



Nicki Manaj is the absolute worst-

" song is awful"

" embeded in my brain"

" is she still a thing?"

"'s not even her butt"


A Halloween Over-rated

Fun Size candy bars- I have been a champion of this for a long time, and now I have a platform that at least ten or fifteen people read.



You know what's fun...a Snickers bar the size of a loaf of bread.  Now that's a slice of fried gold.

As always....till next week.....