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Grizzlies Week in Review: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (Undefeated Edition)

Every week, three of our contributors watch/attend all the Grizz games and give their takes on what they liked/disliked, plus answer a super awesome random bonus question.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

This week, we have Andrew Millen, Grace Baker, and Keith Edwards.

For the record, the Grizz went 3-0 (1 home MIN; 2 away IND; CHA)

The Good

Andrew: Team Defense. The Grizz have allowed 101, 89, and 69 points in their first three games. At this rate, it won't be long before opponents are scoring in the negatives. Tony Allen has 12 steals on the season already, and Gasol and Z-bo have 8 combined. Once Mike gets back in his 1.5-per-game groove, this team should be a turnover-forcing machine.

Grace: Start of the Season, Marc Gasol, and Zach Randolph. The good this week was that finally, the games counted for the Grizzlies, and our big guys have been awesome. The season is finally here! Marc Gasol looked just as good as he did in the World Cup and preseason. In fact, I daresay he looks better than what many even expected. He had a new career high in the first game of the season, and in all three games he's had 20+ points. Zach Randolph has also performed really, really well all three games with a double double in each.

Keith: Since I'm assuming everyone else will talk about how incredible our big men have been, I'll throw a bone to the sometimes forgotten Courtney Lee. Very few people were in favor of him being the starting shooting guard, and so far, he's been the only guard shooting or doing anything at all well. I hope he gets healthy soon, because he was playing really well with the starting unit, and we simply have to have his, and everyone else's, offense to succeed.

The Bad

Andrew: Defensive Rebounds. The one defensive blemish so far has been second chance points. The 19 OREBs given up to Minny were troubling and arguably the only reason that game was even close. Things have gotten slightly better since then (11 and 9 against Indiana and Charlotte), but this team will have way more well-deserved blowouts if they can get these under control, especially when the starters are on the floor.

Grace: Bench Production. Over the past three games, the bench's production was an obvious problem. Jon Leuer and Kosta Koufos barely did anything. Quincy was nearly invisible. Nick Calathes should help out the bench situation once he comes back. However, I think they'll find their groove as the season goes on. Vince had 9 points against Charlotte from 3 three pointers, so that was encouraging.

Keith: Mike Conley's shooting percentages. Through three games he's 34% from the field, 26% from the 3-point line, and 66% from the line. Combine that with the 7 turnovers over the last two games, and it leaves a lot to be desired from your starting point guard. I have no doubt he'll get it going soon, but the first three games have simply been below part from what we've come to expect from Conley. Also, through three games, the Grizzlies are one of the worst rebounding teams in the league. I didn't know that was possible..?

The Ugly

Andrew: Bench Production. It just hasn't been there yet. the Grizzlies bench had 10 points against the Wolves, 21 against the Pacers and 20 vs the Hornets. The starters (especially Randolph and Gasol) have been good enough to get it done in the meantime, but this could be concerning if it keeps up much longer. Joerger has resorted to sprinkling in bench guys with starters rather than lining them all up together, but the sooner they gel as a 5-man unit, the stronger this team will be with a lead.

Grace: Game vs. The Hornets. That last game in Charlotte was definitely ugly. Fortunately, we got out with a win, but we didn't even score 75 points. Both teams shot under 40%. Yikes. Like I said, though, we got the win. So let's just bury the details of the last one and just focus on the fact that we're 3-0 for the first time ever.

Keith: Ignoring the Charlotte game, I'll point the finger at Quincy Pondexter and Jon Leuer. (And you guys have to know how badly that hurts me, because I greatly enjoy those two cats) Through three games, they're a combined 1-6 from 3-point range, and they've totaled just eight points between them. They're getting minutes (17 mpg for Q, 12 for Leuer) they just aren't doing anything positive with them.

Random Silly Bonus Question of the Week: Marc Gasol has been awesome. Candy is almost always awesome.  In the spirit of Halloween, if Marc Gasol was a type of candy, what would it be and why?

Andrew: Marc is a Jawbreaker. I can't say exactly why, it just feels right, you know?

Grace: a 3 Musketeers bar because he's all the fun and half the fat!

Keith: Pelon Pelo Rico. Pretty obvious, right?


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