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Grizzlies vs. Pelicans Report Card: The Grind Is Getting Grindier

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The Grizzlies bested the New Orleans Pelicans in a basketball match that will be remembered only due to the fact that people will not want to remember it.

Grizzlies Report Card

Grizzlies 93 - Pelicans 81

Dave Joerger: 1 TECH

D. Besides the tech that he got to settle the refs down, this game continued a string of games with poor coaching decisions from Joerger. His rotations are a mess, he refuses to make adjustments when necessary, and his infatuation with Tayshaun Prince worked out tonight, but it will backfire in the future. Joerger is just a less quotable Lionel Hollins at this point.


Mike Conley: 30 MINS|11 PTS|2-10 FGS |5 ASTS|+19

C+. Conley is obviously playing through pain. He aggravated the ankle injury that has been plaguing him over the last two seasons. That didn't stop him from having one of  the more clutch baskets of the game or running the offense like he should. His floater being off and his apparent fear of shooting are worrisome developments that need fixing heading into the season.

Tony Allen: 30 MINS|12 PTS|4-8 FGS|11REBS|+8

A+. Tony Allen was the best player on the floor for the Grizzlies today. Offensively, he was making great off-ball cuts to the basket, and on defense he was bamboozling Eric Gordon. The full TA experience was on display in this game. I'm going to give some credit to GBB writer Joe Mullinax who did a fantastic piece on Tony Allen Monday morning that obviously motivated him to have a fantastic game.

Tayshaun Prince: 33 MINS |14 PTS|5 REBS|+2

B+. I want whatever the trainers gave him before the game. Maybe I'll be able to dunk in my next pick up game.

Zach Randolph: 33 MINS |15 PTS|5-12 FGS|11 REBS|4 ASSTS|+18

B+. ZBo started the game by bullying Anthony Davis in every possible way, then he came back down to earth.

Marc Gasol: 40 MINS |16 PTS|4-10 FGS|11 REBS|2 BLKS|+10

A-. It took Marc a half to get into the flow of the offense and start being aggressive, but once he did, the Grizzlies were a different team.


Vince Carter: 15 MINS |9 PTS|4-7 FGS|-6

B-. The way this game went, it felt like Carter had about 15 points. Every one of his baskets was timely and had a high degree of difficulty (besides the wide open three). His ankle still seems to be bothering him, but he's playing through it. I can't wait to see him at 100%.

Beno Udrih:17 MIN |9 PTS|4 ASSTS|-12

A-. This is the Beno I know. Driving to the basket with nifty finishes and hitting open threes are all a part of the Beno experience; unfortunately so is poor defense.

Quincy Pondexter: 26 MINS|5 PTS|2-6 FGS|4 REBS|+17

B. The Grizzlies were struggling mightily in the third quarter until Pondexter entered the game. The extra floor spacing and defense helped build the lead.

Kosta Koufos: 8 MINS |0 PTS|3 REBS|+4

I. Koufos should have played more in this game. It's understandable that Joerger wants Marc out on the floor when the team is struggling, but there has to be someone to back up ZBo and Marc.

Jon Leuer: 6 Min|2 PTs|0-3 FGS|-3

F. I have never actually seen a human more afraid to shoot the ball then Leuer was in this game. Joerger couldn't keep Leuer out on the floor. He looked like a deer in headlights on offense and defense.

Jordan Adams - 1 Minute

It was more like 23 seconds.


Courtney Lee - Concussion

Jarnell Stokes - DNP Coach's Decision