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Kings vs. Grizzlies Preview: Sacramento looking for revenge, but will they have the manpower?

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A sour taste undoubtedly lingers in the collective mouth of the Kings after the NBA rejected their protest of the Memphis Grizzlies' miraculous win from Nov 13th. Will Sacramento exact revenge or will the Grizzlies continue stampeding through the West Coast?

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports
2014/15 NBA Season
14-2 (6-2 road)
9-7 (4-2 home)
November 30th, 2014
Sleep Train Arena in Sacramento, CA
5:00 PM CDT
Fox SportSouth/ 92.9 FM ESPN 
Possible Starters
Mike Conley PG Darren Collison
Courtney Lee SG Ben McLemore
Tony Allen SF Rudy Gay
Zach Randolph PF Jason Thompson
Marc Gasol C Demarcus Cousins
2014/15 Advanced Stats
94.4 (23rd) Pace 95.6 (T-16th)
106.5 (7th) OEff 105.1 (T-13th)
98.3 (4th) DEff 104.5 (17th)
51.0 (T-6th) RebR 55.1 (1st)

Injury Report

Kings: Rudy Gay (right achilles tendinitis), Darren Collison (left quadriceps contusion), Demarcus Cousins (virus)

Grizzlies: None

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Recently for the Kings

The Kings got schooled by the Spurs on Friday night because that's what happens when you play the Spurs down your best player, Cousins, who missed the game with some sort of virus. (Sound familiar?) They played admirably, however, on the backs of Rudy Gay and the subbing Ryan Hollins. Earlier in the week they took out the pesky Pelicans before falling to the defensively surging Rockets on a back-to-back road game Wednesday night.

Recently for the Grizzlies

Memphis hasn't lost since November 19th, when they took 1/2 of their team to the court up in Toronto. Since then, the Grizzlies have found that they rather enjoy beating the snot out of teams, outscoring their opponents by an average of 13 points over their last four wins while posting an average of 108.8 PPG themselves. Marc Gasol continues to steep himself in the MVP pool, Mike Conley is picking his spots well, Courtney Lee is beginning to respectably taper off, and Zach Randolph continues putting up 15/10's like a diesel engine.

Three Things

  • Demarcus Cousins was out on Friday with a virus, but, as we've seen with the Grizzlies recently, that doesn't necessarily mean he won't be 110% for tomorrow's matchup. Either way, Marc Gasol is going to need to pull out the big guns if the Grizzlies want a better chance of not needing a miracle comeback to score a win in Sacramento Sunday afternoon.
  • In their last meeting, Tony Allen went 0-5 from the floor and was the only Grizzly to finish with a goose egg in scoring. TA looked alive against the Blazers on Friday and is finally getting back to form after being particularly affected by the stomach virus that worked through the roster last week. Over the past two seasons, Allen has averaged almost 14 PPG against the Kings.
  • Dave Joerger has done a masterful job of rotating players and keeping guys fresh so far this season. However, the last time the Grizzlies played three consecutive road games, they topped it off with a lackluster showing against the Bucks that resulted in their first loss of the season. Now, I know that was the 2nd night of a back-to-back, but with the Memphis bench playing at a much higher level than they were at the time they played the Bucks, I expect to see Joerger and the Griz provide a more complete effort this time around. The Grizzlies bench helped them pull off the win against the Kings last time -- they should be a pivotal force on the court yet again.