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Report Card: Memphis Grizzlies vs. Sacramento Kings | Player Performance Rankings

Memphis proves that their first win against the Kings was no fluke. Grizzlies move to 15-2.

Grizzlies Report Card

Grizzlies 97 - Kings 85

Coach Dave Joerger:


The Grizzlies' offense stalled late in the game, but Joerger called a few plays and timeouts that helped them get back into rhythm. The all bench lineup struggled, so he mixed them more with the starters and they did all right. Joerger rode with a struggling Vince Carter a little too long in the second half when it was obvious he wasn't going to contribute anything.


Mike Conley: 31 MINS | 10 PTS | 4-11 FGS | 6 ASTS | +5


This wasn't Conley's best game of the season. He seemed off from the start. The road trip may have caught up to him more than most. His shots were short and he was struggling to get into the lane. I wouldn't get used to this Mike Conley.

Courtney Lee: 32 MINS | 11 PTS | 5-9 FGS | 1 REBS | +3


Part of the second half struggles were due to poor spacing from the wings. Lee struggled from three and settled for midrange jumpers (where he's automatic) instead of forcing threes. Besides scoring, Courtney didn't fill up the stat sheet, but he did play good defense.

Tony Allen: 29 MINS | 13 PTS | 5-7 FGS | 4 STLS | -2


Tony was his usual chaotic self on both ends of the floor. He played good defense on the much taller Rudy Gay, quelling a fear that has plagued Coach Joerger, and was efficient from the field. Unfortunately, he was so bad from the free throw line that the Kings decided to "Hack-a-Grindfather" to try and catch up. Tony came through when it mattered though. As usual.

Zach Randolph: 34 MINS | 22 PTS | 8-16 FGS | 12 REBS | +14


The Grizzlies came out of the gate sluggish, and needed someone to assert themselves on the offensive end. That's exactly what Z-Bo came out and did. His 15 first quarter points helped the Grizzlies go out to a huge lead. The second half struggles were partly caused by the lack of spacing and Randolph struggling to get back into a rhythm. Me thinks the two are related. Randolph once again reignited a long standing battle between himself and Reggie Evans, and while Evans threw some good punches, Randolph got the last laugh.

Marc Gasol: 31 MINS | 18 PTS | 6-11 FGS | 6 REBS | +8


Gasol struggled with foul trouble for most of the game, but played a key part in closing it out. He got to the free throw line and actually hit his free throws, unlike the rest of the team. He found a good balance between distribution and scoring.


Jon Leuer: 14 MINS | 8 PTS | 4-7 FGS| 4 REBS| -6


Leuer struggled mightily on defense and on the boards against Reggie Evans, but made up for it with his spacing and rebounding. His athleticism and jumpshot caused problems at times for the Kings' defense.

Beno Udrih: 17 MIN | 7 PTS | 3-6 FGS | 2 ASTS | +7


With Beno in the game, the Grizzlies' offense struggled, a development that we haven't seen in a while. This season, the Grizzlies have been able to survive without Mike Conley. The offense reverted back to the old "in the mud" style that required him in at all times.

Quincy Pondexter: 19 MINS | 2 PTS | 1-2 FGS | 1 AST | +14


He played his butt off on defense and didn't force anything on offense. His four fouls kept him glued to the bench when the Grizzlies could have used some floor spacing.

Kosta Koufos: 15 MINS | 0 PTS | 0-3 FGS | 4 REBS| +8


Koufos got punked by Reggie Evans. You could see him getting visibly frustrated with the well known agitator. He was pushed out of position consistently and looked passive on offense.

Vince Carter: 14 MINS | 2 PTS| 2-7 FGS | 1 REB | +9


Bleh. After hitting two of his first three shots, Vince reverted to his chucking ways. At one point he took a three and hit everything but the rim. He has to break out of this soon.

Nick Calathes: 1 MIN

Not eligible to be graded

Jarnell Stokes: 1 MIN

Not eligible to be graded


Tayshaun Prince: DNP Coach's Decision

Player Performance Rankings: Grizzlies at Kings