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Recapping the Enemy: The view from New Orleans

Pelicans fans react to last night's loss in Memphis

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

The following are actual comments gathered from New Orleans forums.

Memphis has awesome defense.

Memphis played well, deserve credit, they are a tough defensive team, Tayshaun Prince felt like he was sinking everything (which surprised even Memphis fans haha).

WE BEAT MEMPHIS TO A PULP LAST SEASON! We should beat Memphis. It's the only team in this division we should beat.

We lost to the better team.

One thing i noticed is that when Memphis role players are going cold, their coach takes them out immediately.

Tony Allen is a *****. Really gonna drive there? Couldn't just run the clock out?

Fun how they call holding on us so much when the Griz game is all about holding...

Apparently, Tayshaun Prince is a better and more efficient player than both Ryan Anderson and Anthony Davis. Can we trade them?

Idk who they have played and whatnot, but they could be poised to make a run IMO.

The Grizz are who everyone knows they are. Weak offense, great defense. Will beat the teams they should beat. Not enough firepower to be title contenders.

I don't think they are title contenders but I think a conference finals trip isn't out of the realm of possibility

That was a really, really bad game to watch

TERRIBLY officiated game! Sad!

we got grinded.. very tough defense