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GBB Community Guidelines

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Hey everyone, I just want to remind the GBB'o'sphere of our guidelines here at Grizzly Bear Blues as the season gets going hot and heavy.

They are all listed over here, but for clarity's sake I'll post the list:


I'm not going to knock your negative comments, because I'll make some negative comments too. Part of being a fan is being disappointed. Nor am I going to keep non-Grizzlies fans off. Some people are interested in multiple teams, and that's fine with me.

The rules of the road:
- No racist, bigoted, sexist, homophobic, violent, or otherwise ignorant comments. Period. Non-negotiable.
- No personal attacks (on players, writers, other community members, anyone.)
- No excessive or unnecessary cursing.
- If you have suggestions, issues, or writing advice for the GBB staff, please contact us directly using the contact info available on the site. Those messages aren't appropriate for article threads, and they may give people the wrong impression of your intentions.
- No trolling. If it's obvious that all you're doing is trying to incite arguments, you're gone. Ain't nobody got time for that.
- Be excellent to each other. This is a community. We're all here together. Let's protect what we've got.

Also, when you make an argument, try to support it well and please explain yourself clearly. Type in sentences, AVOID ALL CAPS, and present statistics if you intend to argue with them.


Most importantly, GBB is intended to be a fun place. And life is most fun when everyone's having fun.

Basketball games can be dramatic. Drama related to basketball games is acceptable. Drama related to anything else is not. I have been know to delete entire threads and cut off comments to keep things directed towards basketball. It helps me sleep better :D

I appreciate all of you who read the blog. We're all trying very hard to make a special place for you -- a community of people and fans who want to know all they can about the Memphis Grizzlies. Please keep in mind that we are volunteers, and we all have many things going on besides writing for GBB. But we love doing it and give our time freely.

Go Grizzlies!