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Grizzlies-Thunder Crossover: Through The Wire

KD as Avon? TA as Omar?? The Serge stands alone??? Come at the King and don't miss Grizz/Thunder-The Wire Crossover

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Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

With the Memphis Grizzlies lone national television appearance coming on Friday against a rival in Oklahoma City (7 PM on the Four Letter), I will have to admit that this game has lost a little bit of its luster.  With the injury to Kevin Durant, Russel Westbrook, and who knows how many other Thunder players by the time this article gets published, the game has lost a little of its "hate" factor that has made it so great over the past four years.

Then I read this tweet on Tuesday...

That tweet absolutely got me going.  I love basketball and I love The Wire.  I have written in the past that The Wire is the best show to ever be on television.  If you have seen it you probably agree.

So now, in honor of the Grizzlies lone national television game, a column that Jason Whitlock would love:

Grizzlies vs. Thunder: Through the Wire

BTW....SPOLIERS ABOUND...I'm not sure how plausible it is to spoil a show that hasn't been on television for six years now, has been available on demand for anyone with HBO since the day it ended, and is now available for sale and on Amazon Prime Instant...But if you haven't seen this show...why are you even reading this?....go watch the show!

Oh...and just assume any link is NSFW for language and/or've been warned.

Kevin Durant- Avon Barksdale


See Kyle's tweet above...and this one below....

I have tried over the years to hate Kevin Durant.  He plays for a team I hate.  He played for the college team I love (#hookem) and they did not have much success in his one year there.  He is a big star in a small market.  He probably should be a Grizzly (Greg Oden not withstanding).  But I just can't do it.  Just like you really don't hate Avon, disliking Durant is nearly impossible.

Don't forget KD...the only days you serve are the day you go in and the day you come out.

Russell Westbrook- Stringer Bell

Via Wikipedia

This is where it starts to get fun.  This season was supposed to be Westbrook's Stringer Bell moment.  He was finally going to get the chance on the big stage to be the undoubted best player on the floor, like Bell was with the corners while Avon was in prison.  But it didn't really work out for Stringer.  So lets pick someone else...

Russell Westbrook- Stringer Bell Marlo Stanfield

Via Wikipedia

Maybe this was the season where Russ takes over and runs the show completely, like Marlo in the final two seasons.  Like Marlo, he would have had his opportunity while KD is injured/Avon is in jail.

But his injury ruins everything.  I can't give a guy Marlo status while he is on the shelf.  Let's try this...

Russell Westbrook- Stringer Bell Marlo Stanfield Bodie

Via Wikipedia

Only because if Bodie wore skinny jeans, backpacks, and lens-less nerd glasses, they could be twins.

Tony Allen- Omar Little


TA Comin'!!!!!! TA Comin'!!!!!!

Gotta love a man with a code.  These two are perfect for one another.

-Both are immeasurably tough.  I think TA should show up to the games in a bulletproof vest.

-Both seem to have their own language.  Yes indeed.  Just watch the courtroom scene from the show

Mos Def'

-I can also picture TA screaming at Chris Paul..."If you come at the best not miss."

TA would have to change his number to 45...cause these 45s beats a full house.  He should also just start whistling on the court.

Zach Randolph- Bunk Moreland

Via Wikipedia

Both are veterans...both are cool as hell...both know all about giving an f#$% when its your turn to give an f#$%.

Serge Ibaka- Stringer Bell

Via Wikipedia

Poor Serge.  He went from the third best option who can get any shot he wants on the court to the only option on this team.  He reminds me of the business meeting scene in the funeral home with the Robert's Rules of Order.  Just surrounded by suckas now.

Sorry bro...the game is still the game.

Mike Conley- Good Jimmy NcNulty


Mike does all the things that makes a good point guard a good point guard.  He shoots well, can take over a game, plays defense, and gets the big guys the ball.  However, he never gets the kind of respect and recognition that he deserves.  Just like McNulty...on a good day.

And I'm not talking about that "Season five making up a serial killer BS" Jimmy McNulty either.

Marc Gasol- Lester Freemon

Via Wikipedia

Marc Gasol was a throw-in in the Pau Gasol trade in 2008, now arguably the best center in the game.

Lester Freemon was a castaway in Property Crimes, then got his shot in Daniel's narcotics unit in season one and in homicide off and on in the last few seasons.

Their career arches are so similar, I bet Marc makes doll furniture during team meetings.

Sebastian Telfair- Melvin "Cheese" Wagstaff

Via Wikipedia

Both guys are only here because someone got pinched (Cheese- Prop Joe and Telfair-Westbrook).  Both guys won't be around for long.

BTW...I am still shocked that Cheese catches a bullet in the last episode.

Steven Adams- Jay Landsman

Via Wikipedia

Because the moment you see either of these guys you just want to slap the taste out of their mouths.

Tayshaun Prince- Dennis "Cutty" Wise

Via Wikipedia

I know what you are thinking.  I'm not saying it. Nope.

Both Cutty and Prince are two of my favorites.  Cutty has a great redemption story, going from soldier to jail to community organizer.  Tayshaun has weathered quite a bit of over-the-top criticism to rebound his game early this season.  If Tay starts to build a boxing gym...look out.

And no....I'm not saying it. That is not why I chose Cutty for Prince.  I'm not....nope...nope...nope...

Alright fine


Reggie Jackson- Michael Lee

Via Wikipedia

Jackson is about to get paid next season.  Will he be the next Omar, like Michael??? Or is he over-rated???

Money ain't got no owners....just spenders

Courtney Lee- Kima Greggs

Via Wikipedia

Always solid and good at their jobs, but like Kima after she gets shot in season one, Courtney disappeared at the end of last season.  The offense has been better with CLee in the game...If he hears the music...he gonna want to dance.

Scott Brooks- Bunny Colvin

Via Wikipedia

You knew that Colvin was in trouble with the whole Hampsterdam idea in season 3.  It was tense just waiting for the moment when the hard-asses in the upper levels of management were going to come down hard on Bunny,

Feel like Scott Brooks may be there too???

Dave Joerger- Tommy Carcetti

Via Wikipedia

Both of them got their jobs because their predecessors made the wrong people mad (Lionel Hollins/Clarence Royce), but have proven themselves over time.  Plus, they both look like kids in there's that.

Bonus...Lionel Hollins....a cross between Clarance Royce and Clay Davis

And finally

Kendrick Perkins- Slim Charles

Via Wikipedia

Both guys are rough and tough...and at the last minute might bust a guy in the head with everyone asking "What the hell did you do that for?"

"That one was for Joe."

Did I miss anyone??? Leave it in the comments.  Let me know who deserved what (deserved ain't got nuthin' to do with it.)