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Power Rankings: Unofficial Memphis Grizzlies T-Shirts

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We love our 3rd party merchandise in Memphis, TN. It's grown to a point where boutique fashion stores will even carry a selection of the popular relics. If you don't have one, you might not really be a Grizzlies fan...

Piccia Neri

Rank this selection of the best Unofficial Memphis Grizzlies T-Shirts and we'll see what design comes out on top.

Power Rankings: Unofficial Memphis Grizzlies T-Shirts


We had a couple of nice Honorable Mentions:

Doof54 found this gem of an oddball piece that a Florida high school once adopted as their mascot/logo.

Winter Springs

And our own C. GrrrrrBrrr nominated this slightly NSFW design. While it's not necessarily Grizzlies inspired -- it's fitting and I want one.

NSFW T-Shirt: "Memphis as F***"