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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Phoenix

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Phoenix Suns fans react to last nights 102-91 defeat against the Memphis Grizzlies

Christian Petersen

The following are actual comments gathered from Phoenix forums.

its worth noting that we sucked balls against the Grizz last year too

Grizzlies are simply way better than us. Their gonna sweep us this season unless we get lucky or they get injured.

No shame in losing to them, I think they'll get a home court spot in the West, they're that good.

Suns must go all out for Marc Gasol next season. Put Len under his wings...

They are easily going to be one of the top 3 teams in the West. I think it's GSW, Memphis, and San Antonio. The Clippers lack depth, OKC has injuries, and Houston is overrated.

The Suns match up very poorly with the Grizzlies. The only shot they'll have at beating them this season is if they actually implement the offense they speak about frequently. I haven't seen them push the ball every time down the court... granted the Grizzlies did a good job after the first timeout of getting back and stopping the fastbreak. The Suns need to stop talking about being a team that outruns every other team in the league, and start implementing it.

They look even better this year and are fully healthy I am not surprised at this loss. I think its mostly disappointing because we were doing so well in the first half.

I've seen some really bad things from the team today. Body language, chemistry and energy wise. Maybe it's all Grizzlies doing, I don't know.

Be serious, did anyone actually expect the Suns to beat the Grizzlies?

Who would've thought that ZBo/Gasol 28/11 combined and we would still lose. If we had lost, I would've thought we'd lost because of the massive disparity in big man talent.

The Grizz have showed us the power of team bball. No-one on our team is looking to pass the ball.

Another Season going 0-4 against the Grizzlies

I knew we were gonna lose..  It's all good..  Grizzlies just have our number