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Report Card: Grizzlies at OKC Thunder | Player Performance Rankings

The Grizzlies tried their hardest to blow it, but stay undefeated with win in OKC.

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Grizzlies Report Card

Grizzlies 91 - Thunder 89


Dave Joerger: 0 TECHS|1 Amazing Interview

B. Coach Joerger managed this game very well. He finally made some subs during the third quarter which I have been begging him to do since he was hired. The highlight of his game was the interview he gave before the second quarter. Pointing out the fact that Memphis had only one national TV game had a passive aggressive edge to it. Then he took his only national TV opportunity to talk up Memphis.


Mike Conley: 35 MINS|20 PTS|7-14 FGS |5 ASTS|+0

A+. Mike was awesome in this game. He took the national TV opportunity to prove that he is a top point guard in this league. This was a good game for Mike to assert his presence in because nobody on that Thunder team can guard him. The two HUGE threes in the final two minutes won the Grizzlies the game and made me want to see Mike break out the Sam Cassell dance.

Courtney Lee: 35 MINS|17 PTS|5-8 FGS|3 REBS|-4

A+. CLee is on another level right now. The Grizzlies don't win the last two games without his shooting. He got lost on defense a few times this game, but he made up for it on offense. I feel bad for saying the Grizzlies should think about trading him before the season started this summer.

Tony Allen: 25 MINS |9 PTS|4-7 FGS|4 REBS|4 STLS|+0

A+. Tony Allen has been spectacular this season. His offense has been under control, besides a few errant jumpers, and effective. He hit an important corner three pointer tonight. It was incredible. As long as he is playing this well on both ends of the floor he is the Grizzlies best option at small forward.

Zach Randolph: 35 MINS |16 PTS|6-16 FGS|7 REBS|+5

C+. This is what I was expecting from ZBo coming into the season. Inefficient offense because he struggles against athleticism and poor defense because he can't guard stretch fours. He still had a few nice moves against Ibaka and Collison, but he struggled mightily at times.

Marc Gasol: 41 MINS |8 PTS|4-11 FGS|9 REBS|5 TOS|-4

C. This is easily the worst game Marc has played all season. The shot wasn't falling so he went from aggressive Marc to turnover Marc.


Kosta Koufos: 15 MINS |4 PTS|2-5 FGS|7 REBS|+3

B. Koufos has virtually no touch around the basket right now, but when combined with Gasol on defense the Thunder struggled to score.

Beno Udrih: 13 MIN |5 PTS|3 ASSTS|+2

C+. Beno hit two shots in about three minutes. Those are the three minutes I remember him being on the floor. I was surprised he played 13 minutes. I would actually like to contend the 13 minutes stat with someone.

Vince Carter: 19 MINS |8 PTS|3-9 FGS|3 REBS|+1

C. I think everyone would appreciate it if Vince would stop chucking shots at the rim. Maybe drive to the basket or pass? I think Vince is still struggling with that ankle injury and it's making him settle for jumpers. Playing on a bad ankle at 37 years old probably is not fun.

Quincy Pondexter: 16 MINS|2 PTS|0-2 FGS|1 ASSTS|+7

D. WHAT DO YOU DO? If Pondexter isn't hitting open threes or playing good defense, which he did not do tonight, his presence on the floor is pointless. I'd still take him to turn it around before Leuer does.

Jon Leuer: 5 MINS|2 PTS|1-4 FGS|1 REBS|+0

F-. The Grizzlies needed him tonight, but he couldn't do anything besides make a fast break layup. I know it's early, but I'm officially jumping off the Jon Leuer bandwagon and making sure I have a nicer seat on the Jarnell Stokes bandwagon.


Tayshaun Prince: DNP Coach's Decision
Jordan Adams: DNP Coach's Decision
Kalin Lucas: DNP Coach's Decision
Jarnell Stokes: Inactive

Player Performance Rankings: Grizzlies at Thunder