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Recapping the Enemy: The View From OKC

Thunder fans react to last nights 2 point loss against the Grizzlies

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The following are actual comments gathered from Oklahoma forums.

It was a tough loss but Memphis is really good.

Z-Bo should have been tossed for that elbow on Ibaka.

I hate the grizz, if any team beats them i'll rate them with my heart.

Adams locked down Gasol for most of the game.

Valiant efforts guys..we gonna smoke them Grizz when we get back the other guys!

In my mind we would won the game if collision made both free throws...grizzlies can't beat a healthy team even if they lose one still batter then them.

We got screwed....ball was out before the ref made a 5 sign with his hands.

Well, honestly I usually am in a bad mood after a loss, but not really tonight. I can't think of anything other than FTs to complain about, they gotta hit em, but with so few guys able to play, I'm proud of that team.

When OKC is back to 100 percent, beware of an hungry team. Grizz's didn't even blow us out by double digits. Adams looked good against Gasol(he held his ground), and he had a double double.

I wish this team was healthy so we can wipe that smirk off of Tony Allen.