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Marc Gasol tends to couple together single digit scoring performances

Big Spain's statistical history doesn't bode well for fantasy players tonight.

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Marc Gasol had an abysmal game last night. He could shoot, from anywhere, and he had a tough time just holding on to the ball for much of the game. We know Marc Gasol will eventually play at a very high level again, but a dig through his last two seasons says that you shouldn't necessarily bank on that being tonight.

  • In the past two seasons, 2012-13 & 2013-14, Marc Gasol has scored single digits in 27 games.
  • Of those 27 performances, 16 of them have been coupled together in consecutive games.
  • Based on those recent stats, Gasol is likely to have another offensive stinker tonight.
  • Even when he doesn't pair up the single digit scoring nights, he's only averaging 11.3 points on the games when he does break back into double digits.
  • In other words, Gasol can get into sustained funks and then also ride high on long-cresting waves.

There's a good chance he'll be back in form on Tuesday at home against the Lakers, but for tonight you probably want to consider someone else in your FanDuel lineup.