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Report Card: Grizzlies at Milwaukee Bucks | Player Performance Rankings

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The Grizzlies bench prevented them from staying undefeated in Milwaukee so the world is ending.

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Grizzlies Report Card

Grizzlies 92 - Bucks 93


Dave Joerger:

C. The starters were struggling tonight so going to his bench was a good idea. The problem is that the bench is hot, stinky garbage. Joerger made some bad moves tonight. Playing Tayshaun 27 minutes, having ZBo guard the Greek Freak and not playing Tony Allen in crunch time are all terrible decisions that Joerger is definitely regretting right now.


Mike Conley: 29 MINS|7 PTS|2-8 FGS |4 ASTS|+5

C-. The athleticism of that Bucks team, minus Jared Dudley, really bothered Mike tonight. He was struggling to get into the lane and when he did he couldn't finish. The Grizzlies win if he doesn't pull a semi Darius Washington Jr. and lose the ability to shoot free throws.

Courtney Lee: 35 MINS|11 PTS|3-9 FGS|8 REBS|+10

B-. This was Lee's worst game of the season, but he still had a chance to win with one second left. He rushed it just a bit or I think the Grizzlies escape Milwaukee with a win.

Tony Allen: 24 MINS |7 PTS|3-9 FGS|3 ASTS|-6

B. Tony does makes the easy things look virtually impossible and the hard things look as easy as they can be. He shut OJ Mayo down and should have played more down the stretch.

Zach Randolph: 36 MINS |16 PTS|7-14 FGS|14 REBS|+2

B. ZBo kept the struggling Grizzlies in this game during the fourth quarter when the Bucks were taking over. Unfortunately the only reason Milwaukee took over in the fourth quarter was because we all got to find out that ZBo could not in fact guard the Greek Freak.

Marc Gasol: 34 MINS |18 PTS|4-11 FGS|4 REBS|+8

C+. Marc struggled from the field, but stayed aggressive and was able to get to the line for the first three quarters. He pulled a Houdini and disappeared in the fourth quarter.


Kosta Koufos: 10 MINS |2 PTS|1-4 FGS|2 REBS|-7

D. The Milwaukee front line is on another level athletically so Koufos struggled to compete. He couldn't hang with them on either end of the floor.

Beno Udrih: 19 MIN |4 PTS|1-4 FGS|1 ASSTS|-4

D.. It's becoming painfully clear that Udrih can only score or create off the pick and roll. That's not what this bench needs to be successful. Only six games until Nick Calathes is back.

Jon Leuer: 16 MINS|6 PTS|3-6 FGS|6 REBS|-2

F. FOUR OF HIS POINTS WERE ON TIPS ON FROM THE OTHER TEAM AND WERE ONLY CREDITED TO HIM BECAUSE HE WAS STANDING NEXT TO THEM. WHAT A FARCE. THAT F IS FOR FARCE. The Jon Leuer experience needs to be ending soon. Besides rebounding he does nothing well. NOT ONE THING. He won't shoot threes, his midrange jumper looks completely out of whack, he can't make layups and Vince Carter looks more comfortable in these defensive schemes.

Quincy Pondexter: 11 MINS|7 PTS|2-8 FGS|1 ASSTS|-7

U. If you the reader were like me and attended Catholic grade school you were fortunate enough to be given a U instead of F. It stung so much worse to see that big red U on the top of your paper. Well Pondexter get's that BIG RED U for this game. It's gotten to the point where Joerger can't keep him in the game. No Vince Carter tonight and CLee is coming off a night of playing 35 minutes, but Pondexter only plays 11 minutes. The best part of it all is that he is still able to get more shots than points IN 11 MINUTES!!!

Tayshaun Prince: 27 MINS |8 PTS|3-10 FGS|2 REBS|-4

V for vomit. I kind of wanted to vomit while watching Tayshaun Prince stand in the corner unguarded and brick open jumpers off passes from Marc Gasol.

Kevin Lipe pretty much summed up Tayshaun's night.


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