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Memphis Grizzlies: The Week In Numbers

In honor of the Grizzlies' 15-2 record, here are 15 stats for you to feast on


3 games played last week, all on the road: at the Lakers, Blazers, and Kings.

3 wins from those 3 games.

11 straight wins against Western Conference opponents to start the season.

1 game left of the 4-game road trip: at the Rockets on Wednesday.

10 rebounds for Mike Conley against Portland; he also had 21 points and was 1 assist short of a triple-double.

92.3 opponent points allowed per game last week.

23% from behind the arc against the Lakers, 5-22.

5, all 5 starters scored double-digits against Sacramento last night, and against Portland on Friday.

3 games this week: 1 on the road, at Houston, and 2 at home against San Antonio and Miami.

27.77% from the field for Vince Carter this week, 5-18.

9 assists for Marc Gasol in Portland; it was the 2nd time this season that he has had 9 in a game.

1st, Grizzlies rank in opponent points per game, 92.4 per game.

13 points for ZBo in the first quarter last night; he finished the game with 22.

4th, Courtney Lee's rank amongst 3 point shooters this year,  hitting 53% from deep so far.

100%, Jarnell Stokes is still 100% from the field in his NBA career. ROTY?