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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Dallas

Find out how Mavericks fans reacted to last night's loss in Memphis

The following are actual comments gathered from Dallas forums.

Crowder was the one who best guarded ZBo and he only did it one time.

It's quite obvious we aren't ready to beat these teams yet. We will get a win here and there, but not regularly.

Every damn shot attempt was a 3 for Dallas, they needed to mix up the offense. The sad thing is Memphis were leaving them open.

Dirk just gets no respect. No respect at all.

We were close. Just needed too much of a run to get us back in it after that awful 3rd.

Nobody wins when the refs don't do their jobs. Sad.

Memphis are too physical for us. The rebounding and missed 3's killed us.

There's not a more frustrating team to play in the NBA than Memphis. Every loose ball just falls in their hands, they foul SOOO much and it never gets called, and they hit the most annoyingly timely shots.

Worst Dirk/Monta game that I can recall since they play together, just painful to watch.

If you watched the game. Physical play by Memphis = shoves/grabs/whatever = no call. Our guys: Tries to knock ball out of hands, get called for foul.

No shame in losing to a tough Memphis team.