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Grinding Through the Season: Sixers Edition with Jake Pavorsky

It's been a struggle. Not many, if any, can say that they are surprised by the outcome at this point. In all actuality, it was widely anticipated and expected. Why? Because of the commitment to the bigger picture. Because of the outlook behind the long-term vision. What is that vision and strategy? Are the right players in place to fulfill it? Liberty Ballers writer Jake Pavorsky is willing to answer these questions for us and more!

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

If you just strictly look at the team's season statistics only....if you just simply glance at the roster by itself without giving it much thought....if you just briefly reflect on what headlines you might have seen lately about them....then you could probably predict where you might find them currently in the standings.

However, allow me to advise any and all of you to consider a couple of things before you begin to openly criticize the Philadelphia 76ers in a public manner about their performance this season:

  • I don't think Sixers' management worries or even cares about what you say.  In fact, they might even welcome it.  One could argue that this may just play into their favor.
Their is a bigger picture working behind the scenes.  OK, maybe not necessarily "behind the scenes"...but definitely at work.

Just as a certain SEC college football team has lately become famous for re-building its current program "brick by brick," the Sixers seem to be setting up their foundation "pick by pick."

General Manager Sam Hinkie and Head Coach Brett Brown are working with ample time, lots of cap space, and a young core mostly known among the college ranks.  Is the Sixers' methodology of building through the draft the right one for them?  What is the statute of limitations for losing in Philadelphia?  Do they have the right players in place to fulfill their vision?

Liberty Ballers writer Jake Pavorsky was very kind to provide us his unique insight into the Sixers' future, season, and roster before the Grizzlies travel to Philly to play the Sixers.