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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Charlotte

Read the pre-, in-, and post-game thoughts of Charlotte Hornets fans from last night's 2OT loss in Memphis

The following are actual comments gathered from Charlotte forums

Pre-game views

Sooo... are we gonna get a call tonight or...

We are going to get our tails kicked.

Memphis is tough at home and inexplicably we match up well with them. I don't expect a victory but this one should be close as long as they continue to build on the streak.

We actually match up extremely well against Memphis. Im thinking we lose 88-84 in a good tight game.

We'll win. I got a good feeling about this one. I think we're turning a corner.

Mid-game views

I'm already feeling sick.

Zeller can defend ZBo.

The refs don't believe in giving Big Al fouls. The Griz are smacking him all over the place on those shots.

These refs don't like us.

Who knew Zach Randolph would get the Shaq treatment tonight?

Udrih is the most forgettable player in the league. Everytime I see him on some team I'm like who the **** is this random guy?

How is that a common foul? That's such a crock of ****.

Obvious clear path foul.

Does anyone understand these damn clear path rules?

oh my freaking God. These refs are pure bull.

We gonna win. We gonna win!

And on queue Gasol posterizes us.

Why would they not have done a defensive sub for Jefferson on that last shot by Memphis, where Gasol ended up getting a dunk? You could see that type of play coming from a mile away.

How in the flying **** do you leave VINCE **** CARTER WIDE OPEN IN THE CORNER.

Which idiot left Vince WIDE OPEN?

Of course we give Vince a wide open corner 3. ****.

Memphis is too good to let this get away now I fear. Hope I am wrong.

Tony Allen is definitely the dumbest player in the league. Jesus christ.

Post-game views

Sick. Just sick.

A good loss.

A really, really tough good loss.

you will never keep up with a good team that has an actual mismatch (Randolph vs whoever) by force feeding Al Jefferson vs a recent DPOY. disappointed with the coaching

We as a team played great. We just lost. I can put up with losses like this, easily. Memphis is 11-1 now at home.

This loss was somehow good and horrible at the same time.

Al sucked. Gasol swallowed him up way too many times for a guy who is considered to have the best post moves in the game.

We take Memphis, one of the hottest teams in the league, to double OT in Memphis and people are bitching? Ok.

First off, running an offense through Gasol on the elbows is way more productive than running it through Al (and they are going to Gasol way more this year. at first sight, it might seem like his and Z-Bo's usage rate is relatively the same as last year, but the difference in touches, per Sports VU, is significant. thus Z-Bo might still get his shots to close possessions but Gasol will be the primary option to get things going, instead of them revolving around multiple Z-Bo post-ups)

Second off, Mike Conley is a wizard at using pick-n-rolls and finding ways to attack in tight spaces.

Third off, they have really improved their wing shooting.

I've always been on this particular Memphis's team bandwagon and placed bets on them winning the West during spring time (it's a pipe dream, but the odds are always very good), but this year it might happen for real if Gasol keeps this up. They've been very good on offense, currently 7th at 106.9 in offensive efficiency. Something like that would have been unimaginable just last year.