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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Philadelphia

Pre-, in-, and post-game thoughts from 76ers fans.

The following are actual comments gathered from Philadelphia forums

Pre-game views

With the way the Griz are playing this season, this one is a sure loss, but hopefully we can be competitive if nothing else.

We will score like 60 points this game. the griz will destroy us.

Highly doubt we stand a chance, but the Grizzlies are on the tail end of a back-to-back after beating Charlotte last night at home in double overtime so we have that on our side.

Gasol is going to chew Noel up and crap him out.

Logic would tell me we're going to be sacrificed but even though it seems that way, I wouldn't be shocked to see us in a close game, crazier things have happened.

Memphis is going to BBQ us.

Mid-game views

Definitely showing sign of improvement compared to the beginning of the season.

Typhoon Tony for two!

Nice first quarter. Which quarter will be fall apart and only score 10 points? 2nd, 3rd or 4th?

I hate to say it, win or lose this game, I don't think the Sixers are finishing with the worst record in the NBA.

Welp here come the dreaded fourth quarter where we can't close out game. Hopefully we play with poise.

Grizzlies announcers talked **** prior to game, now admitting embarrassment. Guess they didn't get to town til 3-4 AM, but **** them anyway.

Tankmaster Flex time.

WTF. Grizzlies just couldn't miss from deep in the fourth....

I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Conley still my fav pg in the league you motherf****r.

Epic collapse. Time for Memphis to finish us off in OT.

Refs have been awful.

Post-game views

Well the only good thing I got from this meltdown was Conley's career game on my fantasy team.

MCW singlehandedly lost us that game. Owned by a true point guard.

That 4th quarter defense was some of the most horrendous I've ever seen. When MCW had his back completely turned to Conley and he had a wide open corner 3, I just shook my head. I think I need a break from this team after that meltdown.

Tough game to swallow. Hopefully our young team can learn from its mistakes so that it doesn't allow too many more games like this slip away.

They will be champions!!!

Memphis is the second best team in the league right now, we cant deny that the sixers played decently, better luck next time.

It shouldn't have even been close. The Sixers are not even in the same class of The Grizzles...