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Spurs vs. Grizzlies Preview: Dave Joerger sets out to hunt his White Whale once again

The Grizzlies travel to San Antonio, a place where they have not won since April 17th, 2011.

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Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports
2014/15 NBA Season
20-4 (8-3 road)
17-8 (8-2 home)
December 17, 2014
AT&T Center, San Antonio TX
7:30 PM CDT
Fox SportSouth / 92.9 FM ESPN
Possible Starters
Mike Conley PG Cory Joseph
Courtney Lee SG Danny Green
Tony Allen SF Kawhi Leonard
Zach Randolph PF Tim Duncan
Marc Gasol C Tiago Splitter
2014/15 Advanced Stats
94.5 (25th) Pace 95.6 (17th)
106.7 (7th) OEff 105.6 (9th)
100.1 (7th) DEff 98.4 (3rd)
50.0 (15th) RebR 51.7 (4th)

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Injury Report

Memphis Grizzlies: None

San Antonio Spurs: Patty Mills (out), Tony Parker isn't listed as a starter tonight but also isn't on the injury report (?)

Recently for the Spurs

Ever since San Antonio trounced the Grizzlies back on December 5th, they've gone a bit checkered with their performances with a 3-3 record over the past couple of weeks. They've undoubtedly let off the gas a touch so that they can be at 110% tonight and flog the Grizzlies in Texas.

Recently for the Grizzlies

Memphis came out last weekend with a couple of gritty overtime wins, and continued their winning streak with an enormous victory over the Golden State Warriors on Tuesday night. The Grizzlies' Big 3 are rockin' and rollin' while the bench of Memphis continues to be a very solid support in the system of Dave Joerger.

Three Things

  • Memphis has preached about a fast start to this season, and they've achieved that goal with resounding success. They'll need to adapt that philosophy when taking on the Spurs, both tonight and always, as playing from behind against San Antonio gives Gregg Popovich an extraordinary amount of control -- control that may or may not be of this world.
  • Mike Conley versus "Not Tony Parker" -- if TP does indeed sit out this game, Mike should probably go into some kind of berserker rage to maximize his matchup with Cory Joseph. Likewise if Kawhi Leonard sits out, it removes a pesky defensive presence that the Grizzlies wings should get to exploiting.
  • I'm not banking on this one. This might come across as defeatist, but I've already conceded this game in my mind. Until the Grizzlies actually beat the Spurs again (I think we were on the iPhone 3 last time we beat them), I'm taking the safe route with my emotions. If this ends up being a truly competitive game, I'll be ecstatic and shoot rainbows out of my nipples all night. Don't judge me, maybe my pessimism will throw them off their game!

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