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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Golden State

Pre-, In-, Post-game views from Warriors fans following the Grizzlies 105-98 win last night

The following are actual comments gathered from Golden State forums.

Pre-game views

I'd just go with the one big we have been. Draymond and Barnes at the four will have a quickness advantage and can pull their bigs out of the lane. On defense we can double and dig down. Everyone must gang rebound. That's how we get our first upset win of the year.

I don't have high hopes for a win, but it would be quite a definitive statement if they can pull it off. A win tonight by the Dubs probably solidifies them as the consensus best team in the league. So far people have said we have won against bad competition, we won against teams missing key players, or we struggled in games we should have won easily. Dubs pretty much need a perfect game out of everyone. Of course if the 3s are going down it makes everything a lot easier.

I have a feeling we're going to win.

Huge game for the Warriors. Not that it would matter too much if we lose but it would be nice to beat the Grizzlies to silence all the haters that say that the Warriors have only beaten the worst teams. We'll need Bogut in this game to nullify Gasol.

In-game views

We need more ball pressure with these entry passes to Z-Bo. It's too easy for them.

Gasol/Randolph might end up scoring 30+ points each, but Warriors doing a great job of keeping them out of the lanes on the other end. Opens up the paint and threes when the bigs are sagging off.

Damn this white boy crew is sticking it to the Warrior reserves.

If refs would even try to call games 50/50 we would kill everybody.

Jesus, this is about the most disastrous 3 minutes of basketball I've seen in years.

God damn Vinsanity still got it.

Vince doesn't even shoot 30% from 3 but he had to get hot tonight, sometimes you just get unlucky.

WTF is happening, can we get a welder up on that rim? Christ.

Marc Gasol's jumper is the giant mans version of Steph's shot.

I don't care what anyone says, Marc Gasol's J is one of the most unarguable things I've ever watched. It's Kareem sky hook good.

Looks like we have just given up, there is no heart at this point.

Would be something if we stole this one. It would break Memphis. Just get one more stop and we got a shot.

Wow, Conley. Clutch mamma jamma.

Tony Allen with an unnecessary "IN YOU FACE" dunk as the time runs out..

Post-game views

Memphis by FAR are the NBA favorites. They are the early 2000 Pistons, they are the late 90's Pistons. Pure, playoff, basketball team.

Well, we can't win fighting the Grizzlies and the refs...

Game was rigged from the start, when they give Green that bs call on Zbo...

Frankly i might be done with watching basketball, refs just have agenda coming into the games, you can tell early on who will get all the calls...

No answers for Z-Bo == No win

I still say the highlight of the game was when Green and Zbo were jawing at each other and Green wouln't back down. Is Dray a little nuts? He don't back down to nobody.

On a bright side it's disgrace for Memphis that it was a close game, we don't have Lee and Bogut, they play at home with refs calling everything their way, Carter going insane from 3, and yet we were still in game...

Well done Grizz, we'll see you soon.

Not terribly impressed with Memphis. They're never going to win a title with that team.

About how i expected it to go. I think Memphis is the slightly better team right now. We're right there though.