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The last time the Memphis Grizzlies won in San Antonio.....

Thinking back on how long it's been since the Grizzlies took a game against the Spurs in Texas.

Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

April 17th, 2011. A date that will forever be cherished in Memphis Grizzlies lore. After toiling through three futile attempts in the NBA Playoffs, Zach Randolph would lead the franchise to its first playoff victory on that fateful day.

Coincidentally, that day was also the last time the Grizzlies won a game in the city of San Antonio. The team that was bullied by the Grizzlies and allowed them their first taste of postseason glory has become a monster with its sights set on destroying any glimmer of hope for a Memphis appearance in the NBA Finals.

To make light of one of the more frustrating aspects of being a Memphis Grizzlies fan, I made a time capsule.

The last time the Memphis Grizzlies won in San Antonio.....

.....NASA Space Shuttle program was still active.

.....Charlie Sheen was still on "Two and a Half Men."

.....Joe Paterno was still the head coach at Penn State.

.....Steve Jobs, Amy Winehouse, Andy Rooney, and Randy Savage were still alive.

.....Kim Jong-il was the leader of North Korea.

.....Prince William was still single.

.....they were still making Harry Potter movies.

.....the puke-worthy hit rocking the charts was "Friday" by Rebecca Black.

.....Dale was still alive on The Walking Dead.

.....The Oprah Winfrey Show was still airing.

.....the Grizzlies were giving Sam Young and Tony Allen the same amount of playing time.

.....John Hollinger worked for ESPN.

.....Marc Gasol averaged 8.5 shots per game (compared to 14 per game this season.)

And it goes on and on and on.

What are some other mind blowing events we can add to the list?