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Vince Carter moves into Top 25 of All-Time NBA Scoring

Carter moved to #6 in all-time 3-point makes last week, and now he's climbed into another elite echelon of NBA history.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Vince Carter moved into 25th in all-time NBA scoring with his 18 points in the Memphis Grizzlies' incredible triple overtime win in San Antonio against the Spurs last night. Carter passed Robert Parish, the previous 25th ranked player at 23,334 points, and now has a couple of other NBA greats within his sights.

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Vince obviously isn't going to be catching LeBron James, as LBJ is likely to continue shooting up the list. However, we are likely to see Carter pass Charles Barkley this season and he could easily end up passing Allen Iverson next season with the Grizzlies if he's still healthy.

If Carter passes Iverson, that will provide Grizzlies fans with a bit of satisfaction after their previous attempt to retread an old superstar ended with egg on their face. And to the contrary, Vince Carter has a chance to legitimately contribute to a championship run with the Memphis Grizzlies while giving fans a few snapshots of NBA history along the way.

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