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Recapping the Enemy: The View From San Antonio

Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Spurs fans following last night's 3OT loss against the Grizzlies

The following are actual comments gathered from San Antonio forums

Pre-game views

I think they'll be tired from a tough game against Golden State, and we're at home as well. Spurs will pull out a W here despite being short-handed.

Fortunately, the Grizz don't have viable wing scoring outside a 38 year Vince Carter (who will probably go off), but Kawhi's rebounding and hustle will be missed.

Spurs win as long as Beli doesn't play more than 10 minutes.

This schedule stinks and at this losing rate we´ll be worse than OKC in just a few games.

In-game views

Spurs are a mess right now...

There's no sugarcoating this - Spurs are playing some lazy, unfocused Basketball. NBA Champions don't play like this. Bring some intensity and fire to the game. Wake up!

Offense has been lazy, but the D has been solid. Memphis is just making some tough shots.

Spurs are playing like they are on the back end of a tough back-to-back... Not the Grizzlies.

ugh VC can't miss.

Memphis is playing out of its mind.

Wow. Carter is just.............. wow

They want this one badly you can tell. Ain't happening for us tonight.

Memphis scrubs just hitting fluke shots.

Getting tired of the s**t basketball this team is playing.


So...where was this effort at the BEGINNING of the game?

Nice end to the 2nd Q. We're not dead yet....

Memphis fans will lose all hope if they lose this.

literally could've not have come out worse after the half...what a f*****g joke.

Why do we continue to isolate against Marc Gasol? Does it really take a genius to see why that's not a good idea?

That Gasol spin move and dunk was one of the few times that Duncan has looked his age.

This would be such an embarrassing loss for Memphis.

this game has been so ridiculous

conley in an all star season

Another player hitting a big shot whilst being "guarded" by Manu.

Guaranteed that Manu takes game losing shot.

Don't know why Grizzlies don't do hack-a-TD or hack-a-Manu, tbh.

what a game ... nothing better than the regular season ... ehh

First Diaw, now Manu..can they stop throwing the fucking ball away?..

So Turnobili turned it over again and got our best shooter taken out from his stupidity.

This game is an erection killer.

two chokes, free throw misses galore... how are we in 2nd OT?

This is genuinely hilarious.If this was a playoff game I would have killed something by now.

Timmy getting schooled by Gasol

Zbo so tired can't tie his shoe

Memphis burning a timeout because fatass Z-Bo can't tie his shoelaces

This shit seriously isn't good for my health. I usually don't give a rat's ass about regular season games but this is just too much.

WOW. It's been ages since we've made a buzzer beater.

Zbo traveling all game.

And try making ZBo go to his right, jesus

Wait did that really just happen? Manu shooting a game loser again? Had they called a TO it would have been same result to Manu anyway.

Ginobili 3 was hilarious, tbh.

Post-game views

We will all look back on this night and mourn the fact we lost our virginity.

spurs healthy sweep the grizzilies without doubt

Grizzlies made 10 3pts. They can shoot when they need to and are a threat, tbh.

I hope popovich not telling his players to stop zbo from going left is only setting him up if we meet them in the playoffs to shut off his left side. he went to the left all night and we let him.

This is amazing.Posters wanting to kill each other.Posters saying we are finished with Parker, Leonard and Mills out.Trolls getting hard.This board lives to pass the tissues and tampons around.I love this place. And it's only December.

Still don't fear Memphis. No way they beat a healthy Spurs team 4 out of 7

It's only December but this one hurt badly.

They won't hold up. They just aren't all beat up like The Spurs are right now. Just wait.

Greatest Spurs game in the regular season in a long time. I honestly can't remember a better one, tbh.

Easily one of the most entertaining games in the Duncan era. Not even mad tbh, good stuff to get you through a long regular season.

Memphis played the #1 team last night, they were low on gas in the final quarter against a rested Spurs team, the game shouldn't have been that close with the injuries Spurs have.

Couldn't help but think a little about the rumors of Gasol and the Spurs. They are 3-12 against the Spurs since 2011 with 4 OTs to get two of those wins against us. If the Grizzlies flame out in the first round (possibly against us) then I'd hope our chance are slightly improved in luring him to S.A

Great game. My view on Memphis doesn't change. They could barely beat the spurs without our best players.

These meaningless games are usually pretty boring, but tonight's game was extremely entertaining, despite the loss..Great fight from the Spurs, down 23 without Kawhi/Patty and with Bonner getting big minutes against a team that was desperate to beat them after 10 straight losses, tbh

In-spite of the outcome, it was a great game from both sides. Great shots were knocked down. Defense was on point at times. Miscues happen. Both teams kicked a** and showed the unwillingness to give up.

Memphis played a great all around game tonight and in the end they deserved this one.

S.O to one of our readers, jetpilot.jones, for finding the following hidden gems

The grizlies are f*****g overrated, watch the media stroke them after this win, never mind they just played 2 teams not at full strength!!

Mike Conley did the absolute smartest thing anyone has done in a basketball game in a LONG time.

This night sucks - GSOM

First they play us without our guys, then the Spurs with Parker, and Leonard, but they call our schedule soft? - GSOM

Mike Conley is the only other point guard for this team, other than CP3 - ClipsNation

I'm enjoying the Spurs raining on the Grizz parade - GSOM