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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Chicago

Pre-, In-, and Post-game views from Bulls fans following last night's win in Memphis

The following are actual comments gathered from Chicago forums

Pre-game views

Surprising win? Have a gut feeling about this one.

It's hard not to think this game will be a loss. I guess you never know what coud happen though.

Easy win.

The Grizz has been looking great, this team always gives us a tough time. They make our offense look like **** when we usually play them. Let's be honest our offense hasn't been spectacular, this could get brutally bad when facing the hungry Grizz.

Memphis looks incredibly tough out of the gate. Going to take a special performance to win. I just hope the guys compete as best they can and we'll see what happens. The ball bounces funny sometimes.

This would make for a great NBA Finals matchup.

In-game views

This has the feeling of a playoff game. Both teams are seem to be really engaged, as are the fans.

Get Mirotic in there to confuse these big lugs.

First to 80 wins this.

Funny. Tayshun Prince moves like young man against us. And till yesterday Memphis tried to rid of him. He wasnt even on bench. This only tells me how much this team lacking some serious athleticism.

We're playing pretty well, but so are they, these teams are pretty similar.

Vince Carter better not go off on us too tonight. What year is this?

Can't complain only down 2... at least the effort is there tonight.

This game looks winnable. We just need to find some offense somewhere.

Good thing Conley's ice cold.

The Grizzlies look like the offensively challenged team they used to be...not like the squad that's putting up 103 ppg this season.

Niko eating Randolph's lunch. And it's a sizable lunch.

Marc Gasol looks like he has gone on a soup diet or something. Never seen him so lean.

Conley's really killing them. Good half, I guess. Niko our savior.

The last 5-6 games for the grizz have been just too mentally tough, they're out of energy tonight.

Has Joerger already conceded defeat? Why isn't he playing Gasol and Randolph?

That looked like that hurt really badly the way Beno reacted.

Brooks can't guard Conley, this could get bad.

This is the grindhouse... and they will grind. Till the end.

Memphis is able to come back on a lot of teams because Joerger's starters are fresh for that finishing kick. Grizz have played 11 guys now with Calathes coming in. No Tony Allen either. This is what the Phil Jackson era was like, kiddies. 10-11 man rotation even.

Tony Allen looks like a 1970's pimp.

Great win. Thought we'd get blown out.

Post-game views

Now that is a signature win.

Best win of the season!

You can't out-grind the Bulls even in the grind-house.

Didn't expect it, but Memphis is a good matchup for us. More so than most Western Conference teams because they are like us and prefer to grind out wins and slow down the pace.

We are dayuuum lucky Conley was off tonight. Kirk was so bad on both ends that a 75% Conley probably would have won them the game. We dodged one there.

I think this win slides over as our most impressive win of the season.

Grizz have a great defense and we made it look pedestrian at times.

I think we caught Memphis at a good time, with them coming off a big 3OT win.

Just a great win. Nothing else to say.

Joakim Noah: "Pau told us yesterday this game meant a lot for him. That was cool. I like that sentimental sh*t, you know what I'm saying?"