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Zach Randolph is questionable against the Cavaliers with knee swelling

Z-Bo's knee is clean, but he could end up sitting out in Cleveland on Sunday.

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Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

As Grizzlies minority owner Justin Timberlake once said, "what goes around comes around". The last three teams the Memphis Grizzlies have faced were all missing multiple key players with injuries, and now the wear and tear of the NBA season has made its presence known in Memphis. Zach Randolph might sit out Sunday to rest up a knee, Beno Udrih's finger was dislocated last night, and Tony Allen is still questionable with a corneal abrasion suffered in San Antonio. Such is "the Association"; these issues are to be expected. Z-Bo's been dealing with the maintenance of his knees for years, and TA plays in such a manner that the word "laceration" has been paired up with his name multiple times during his career. Beno is just unlucky.

Fantasy Implication

If Zach sits out against the Cavaliers, the NBA will be deprived of a great matchup with Kevin Love, and the Grizzlies will be deprived of the biggest mallet on their tool belt. But I wouldn't count #50 out before it's official tomorrow. Randolph cherishes the chance to go up against the top power forwards in the NBA, and last time these two met up, Love showed up Z-Bo's 4pts/5rbs with a 24pts/16rbs/10ast triple-double. The stage is set for an angry, hungry Z-Beast if he's able to play.

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