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Memphis Grizzlies: The Week in Numbers

These may not be the best stats you will ever read, but who else writes their stats down as a song?

On the twelfth day of Christmas the Grizzlies, gave to me:

12 home games Griz have been winning (the win over Golden State was Memphis' 12th home win of the season)

11 rebounds per game Zach's averaging (11.4 to be exact, but that won't fit in the song)

10% of three's are dropping (over the last 2 games)

9 straight losses vs. Spurs ending

#8 keeps misfiring (sorry Quincy, I couldn't find any other stats for #8)

7 Leuer attempts landing (Jon Leuer scored 7 field goals against the Cavs)

6 game win streak finishing (following the home loss vs. Chicago)

5 Carter threes (in the win against the Spurs)

4 turnovers (Memphis had a season low 4 turnovers against Chicago)

3 overtimes (in the win against the Spurs)

2 games were won (against Golden State and San Antonio)

and Marc Gasol banked in a three.