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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Cleveland

Pre-, In-, and Post-game views from Cavaliers fans

The following are actual comments gathered from Cleveland forums

Pre-game views

I really wanted ZBo to play. I wanted to see how we looked with him in. But since he aint playin....or Tony Allen...we catch a break...and I'll take that.

This could be embarrassing. Or glorious.

I'm hearing ZBo might not play. We can't be soft against Memphis or they'll eat us alive.

Hopefuly we'll see a bunch more of Kosta Koufos...and then bring him over to the Cavs at the end of the game.

In-game views

Lebron doing his own thing again.

This is why I said Lebron is a big part of the problem.  This is why we lost the playoffs to Boston. *Groan*

This team is playing well without lebron..if lebron brings memphis back in again im gonna cry.

The grizz announcers are really ripping on their teams defensive effort that first half.

Lebron does NOT need to come back in this game...let him rest!

Leuer got stronger upper body wise.

Damn Vince is hitting tough shots. He's really transformed his game as he's gotten older.

Gasol just taking turns killing all of our front court players at the moment.

Post-game views

Dion had his best game of the year.

Cavs did what they needed to do.  They "should" have beat a Memphis team who is missing 2 key players...otherwise, this game would be much much closer.

They didn't have 2 starters but a win is a win.

A nice win for us against one of the toughest teams in the league, although they missed 2 starters.

Gasol burned us inside but other than him they had no one.

Anyone still wanna trade Dion for Prince or Koufos?

Even though Memphis had two starters out, we shot 61%, 50% 3PT% which is pretty damn special. Memphis hasn't let another team shoot 50% all season. Defense was very solid too.

Fun Fact: Memphis leads the league in balding Greek guys.

Gasol on our team gives us a dynasty for the next 5 years.

Memphis is a good team that can take it to the best of the West, so winning like this against them is great.