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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Utah

Pre-, In-, and Post-game views from Jazz fans

The following are actual comments gathered from Utah Forums

Pre-Game Views

Does BYU vs. Memphis change the game?

Booker out That means around 30 minutes for Rudy, and maybe even a few for The Anomaly. I’m excited! Gobert on the court for 25-30 minutes means that for at least half the game, the Grizzlies won’t dare go in the paint, and when they do, they’ll miss.

this is a game jazz could actually win. if they box out and play a little defense you have to box out though, especially randolph


Randolph isn't playing.

There they go!

In-game views

Hayward coming out strong. Good sign.
this would be a sweet game to win
Conley is getting whatever he wants Burke is killing us on D.
Gobert is a monster..
Favors can't guard Gasol
Ya know.... I think I’m gonna write Gobert in for President in 2016
From basketball rules stand of point this is an interesting game We saw a defensive foul right before a made shot attempt A foul after shot clock violation Jump ball tips and getting your own ball.

Post-game views

Gotta love it when Burks and Hayward can both go off in the same game. Great sign :)
Gotta love it when Burks and Hayward can both go off in the same game. Great sign :)
Solid four quarters Jazz are making strides.
What great win! Burks finally with a strong game while Hayward and Favors also played well. Gobert continues to crush it! And a tip of the hat to Burke. Conley seemed to torch him . . . but the plus/minus tells a different story. He looked really in control (on my sh**ty Comcast stream) and I didn’t see him chuck a bunch of shots. Progress. Could 30 Ws still be within reach?
Tha was a fun game Rudy getting in Gasol’s head, Burks hitting important shots at the end. Burke had a good and-one, Favors and Hayward solid contribution. Out of the six games, I think we played really well in four of them. Really fun to watch this team grow and improve!