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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Houston

Pre-, In-, and Post-game views from Rockets fans following their overtime win in Memphis

The following are actual comments gathered from Houston forums

Pre-game views

Would be great if Smith can play. Interested to see how we play against a top-tier opponent with a new acquisition.

Hopefully it turns out better than last time we were in Memphis.

Memphis is good. We could be at the top of our game and this could still be a loss.

Rockets will cut them up. Griz going into the blender on this one.

In-game views

Dwight needs to be calm and focused when he comes back in later.

Refs are providing home cooking.

Getting run out of the gym again...

Memphis is focusing on stopping all transition baskets and packing the paint. We should do the same.

Tech on the bench? Tony Allen must have said something good!

Gasol is dominating Dwight on both ends of the floor. I dont like what im seeing.

omg Carter. Someone found the fountain of youth.

Great shot and much respect, but you're still 38 Vince.

If Gasol made that I would've cried.


Post-game views

Good win for Houston over a rival.

This game really showed the growth and evolution of Harden's game. I have never seen him get the best of Tony Allen before this year.

I don't watch Grizzlies games often but shouldn't not having Zach Randolph affect the Grizzlies a bit? I'm not taking credit away from the Rockets win but not getting too optimistic.

A road win vs. Memphis, even without Zach, is a good win.

Allen is an incredible PEST! When he fouled out I felt good about our chances.

Man, if Memphis were a good 3 point shooting team, they would be hands down the best team in the league. The way they cut and find easy layups with their bigs is unreal, tie that in with an efficient 3 point shooting percentage and they would be damn near impossible to guard.

I think the Grizz are a lot better with VC. If Lee was more consistent (some players never change I guess) he would easily take over Allen's spot. Some nights he just can't contribute. Until then, I don't think VC and Conley will cut it. Prince is too old, Allen can't make a jumper.

Ugly ass win. If anything this team should show you how flawed we are when it comes to coaching. Talent saved our asses against a zbo-less team. Imagine if he was playing. Let us glorify this win and proclaim ourselves contenders. We are far from that.