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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Miami

Pre-, In-, and Post-game views from Heat fans

The following are actual comments gathered from Miami forums

Pre-game views

This will be a tough game to win, I expect wade to be good but not anyone else.

This is an easy L. It will have nothing to do with a letdown from our great victory against the Cavs, but the Grizzlies are just much superior opponent and just about the worst match up for us.

We can beat the Grizzlies! I have faith in this band of misfits.

Last time we let that white dude off their bench go off and Conley and Lee did whatever they wanted.

In-game views

Terrible start and damn Conley is torching Rio.

we can't make a shot, this is what it looks like when we go against a team that has a real defense, smh...

God damn, this is awful to watch.

why do we let this white dude go off on us?

The only offensive player worse than Norris Cole is Tony Allen

No energy from the players, terrible coaching/rotations. What a joke.

Marc Gasol hitting shots like Dirk now? wtf?

Loving watching Marc Olajuwon schooling our PFs.

Nice comeback!

Did we just take a timeout to stop our own momentum, what?

damn if vince would've yammed that on whiteside though


wow this bitch conley couldn't make a clutch ft to save his life in the first round last year against okc but that's just our luck

Post-game views

Mind-boggling how guys like Udrih, Leuer, Koufos would be major upgrades for us.

I hate Marc Gasol...but I would love to get him down here in 2015

We need a pg like Conley. A floor general that can hit the 3 and has a killer runner. The runner is key.

Sucks that we got swept to a very beatable Memphis team.

Good effort, Gasol is just too good though.

losing a close game to a really good team don't hurt that much

We can win against Cleveland but not Memphis! WHATS GOING ON!