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Getting to Know the People in Your Grizzlyhood: Joe Mullinax

They are the people you meet each at GBB

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There are a lot of new faces around here, and we here at Grizzly Bear Blues wanted to allow them to introduce themselves. So without any more fanfare…today’s victim participant: Joe Mullinax

Introduce yourself…Who are you? Where are you?? What do you do???

I am Joe Mullinax. I am a Senior Staff Writer here at GBB and am in my 2nd season writing for the site. I am also the Host of our BlogTalkRadio Podcast Grizzly Bear Blues Live (GBBLive.) In my day job, I am a Social Studies Teacher and Football Coach (Varsity Defensive Coordinator/Linebackers Coach) I lived in Memphis for 3 years before moving back to my hometown of Manassas, VA to take my current job at my Alma Mater.

How did you start writing here??

By pestering Kevin Lipe relentlessly. My Wife (then Fiance’) has always said that I was so opinionated I should start writing a blog, so instead of starting my own I hijacked GBB via FanPosts under the name of MulliGrizz. Some were OK, others were probably terrible, but I was getting better and Lipe thought enough of me to bring me on staff as one of his final additions before heading to the Memphis Flyer’s Beyond the Arc Blog.

Who are your biggest influences for writing?

Growing up in the DC area I always enjoyed reading Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon, the pre-PTI days, when they were "just"columnists for the Washington Post. Nowadays, Chris Herrington, the aforementioned Kevin Lipe and SI’s Lee Jenkins are big inspirations of mine, as are several of our own GBBers (Matt Hrdlicka and Andrew Ford come to mind, in addition to others.) I am inspired daily by the work of our writers.

What is the nicest thing someone has said about your writing?

I recently was told that my writing was the best thing they had read on SB Nation in years, which is pretty awesome considering the great content here.

What is the cruelest?

Well, grammatical/spelling errors happen and are corrected. My opinions are often also not always taken to so kindly. I think someone said I was the most frustrating person they had ever spoken with once; so I have that going for me.

When did you become a Grizzlies fan??

My wife (girlfriend at the time) and I had decided to move to Memphis for a job opportunity for her with her sorority, which is headquartered in Memphis. In my research about a city I had never visited, I found the Grizzlies in the depths of their remarkable 2011 playoff run. Super-ZBo, the floods, the upsets and competition, all high drama. I was hooked, and the Grizzlies helped make Memphis home for me.

What is your greatest moment as a Grizzlies fan??

After Game 6 at home against the Clippers in the 2013 playoffs. Beating the hated rivals at home to clinch a series was so awesome, and leaving the game and hanging out on Beale Street after was a blast. Will never forget it.

Lowest Moment????

2012 Playoffs. The Clippers comeback. We will never speak of it again.

Who is your favorite Grizzlies player of all time??

Big Marc Gasol fan. Have always seen the potential for what he is doing now, and am glad he is finally fulfilling it..

What’s your favorite piece of Grizzlies swag?

This is cheesy, but I kept my media passes from covering the 2014 Playoff series against the Thunder. Getting to attend the games and press conferences as a media member was legitimately one of the greatest things I have ever had the chance to do. An awesome opportunity that I am glad I got the chance to do before we left Memphis.

(Note...this is not in the least bit cheesy...I think the word he was looking for here was "awesome."-matt)

What’s your favorite sport besides basketball?

Football. Played football in high school and college, coach it now. My first love was basketball, but I stopped growing (was 6’2 290 pounds in 8th grade) and football became my sport pretty quickly.

Quick Hits: Entry music if you were a professional wrestler

Real American, Hulk Hogan

Everyone has a level of nerd…something that you like or know waaaaay too much about…what’s yours?

Growing up I was a pretty big professional wrestling fan. Even though I don’t watch it as much as I once did, I still try to keep up with story lines and characters. Yes, I know it’s fake.

Settle a bet between me and my wife…Sam Cooke or Otis Redding?

Tough call, but I’ve got to go Redding here.

Coke or Pepsi?

Coke Zero. Watching my figure.

Name something you like that everyone else will think is strange…and you don’t care

HUGE fan of the Washington Redskins. Despite being terrible and hated by just about everyone at this point.

Finally, give me three statements about you…in any order…two that are true and one that is a lie…

I was in a Washington Post article about being a football player who also sings and dances. My bachelor party centered around a pizza eating challenge. I once played basketball with Chris Brown.

Thanks Joe...You can check out more of Joe on Twitter @joemullinax, where he has probably spent 27,000 hours on the Trade Machine fixing the ills of the NBA, on GBBLive with Chip Williams, and this amazing article on Tony Allen from a couple of months back.