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Recapping the Enemy: The View From San Antonio

Pre-, In-, and Post-game thoughts from Spurs fans

The following are actual comments gathered from San Antonio forums

Pre-game views

Spurs lose by 10 without Kawhi...

Grizzlies have looked pretty shitty without Randolph, no excuses not to win this game, tbh..

We've got another tough challenge on our hands tonight against the very tough Grizzlies.

Let’s beat the crap outta them so the game doesn’t come down to a Gasol three point heave and pray

In-game views

Conley is just asking to be screened, nobody screens.

Can't play like this and expect to win in Memphis.

Spurs making Conley look like an All-Star

I don't understand how the Grizzlies can score with Allen and Prince on the floor together. Whoever is defending them should have one foot in the key at all times

Wow, we shit the bed, Memphis hit a bunch of flukes, and we're still only down 10. Not looking good for Mem, tbh.

Allowing 30 points in a quarter to a team with Memphis's offensive talent level is extremely embarrassing

Grizz will miss ZBo tonight and run out of steam. You heard it here first.

Spurs f*****g suck. Starting to wonder if that Triple OT game changed the match up a bit; Memphis seems a lot more confident against them.

F**k these refs. Grizz getting away with murder.

The size of that f*****g shoe!! jesus!

Game. Refs.

Memphis can't even put our shitty team away.  2 fluke wins against the Spurs

Post-game views

Conley basically took the day off on defense and raped on offense.

If we meet them like this in the playoffs, Memphis will probably sweep us.

Gasol is a monster, his impact on the game goes so much farther than the boxscore.

I am really tired of playing the Grizzlies, I feel like we’ve played them 10 times already this season.

Pop gave up too early.

The Grizzlies played  Spurs basketball tonight !

Spurs need to start using their walkers. It's about that time to think about the future. Glory days are coming to an end.