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Memphis Grizzlies 2014 Rewind: The Best of Grizzly Bear Blues

As we rewind the Grind, I present to you the best of GBB.


Reminiscing through a calendar year for NBA basketball is some strange nostalgia. You sandwich a long offseason between the entrails of one season and the birth of another. There are trends and patterns. Some go up. Some go down. And then some are that of the Memphis Grizzlies -- roller coasters that dip, twitch, and arc you through palettes of emotion you didn't know existed.

I'm very proud of how this website covers the Grizzlies' voyage, and I want to share some of the best work we've done this year. You won't see any game coverage here, and that's a real shame because there's so much fantastic material in those posts, but with all the interesting articles from 2014 I had to leave something out of the mix.

Nevertheless, I present to you the NBA year as seen through the eyes of Grizzly Bear Blues (in chronological order):


On the heels of a huge game from Mike Conley in January, Trisity took us through the Grizzlies history with 30-point player performances. We've already seen (6)!!!!! this season from Marc and Mike.

Hrdlicka exposes his mancrush on James Johnson back during the fan base's booming love affair with JJ.

I gave you 29 reasons to love Marc Gasol on his 29th birthday.

Joe Witherwax said farewell to the Great Mushroom that was David Stern.

As Conley went through a blossoming with Marc Gasol out with injury, Andrew Ford broke down Mike's superb jump-shot form.

We talked about who should go on the Memphis Grizzlies Mount Rushmore.

The Grizzlies/Clippers rivalry finally returned to FedexForum and I gave you the Top 5 Blake Griffin/Zach Randolph Fights.

Amidst a pretty awful season for Prince, Joe Mullinax ventured into Jungian levels of psychological transformation with his Search of the Bright Side of Tayshaun.

We were really high on Mike Conley y'all, and Kevin Yeung dissected the Horns Double Down Inside Screen play that Joerger runs for Mikey.

Keith Edwards with his brilliant "Hell Hath No Fury Like A Beat Writer Scorned."

We saw the benefits of going global with roster construction thanks to Hrdlicka.

I went a little nuts with my first year of April Fool's jokes here at GBB. I'm still really proud of that day.

We were guided through the emotions of the exciting regular season finale by Keith.

And then he held our hand as the post season ended :'(

It was a busy month for Keith as he then wrote an open letter to his kids about Donald Sterling.

Not too long after the Grizzlies playoffs exit, Robert Pera nearly freaked us all out when he started handing out pink slips, and Adam Rubrum was there to be the voice of reason.

Once things settled down, I went through the Twitter Q&A that Pera graced us with after the front office turmoil.

Andrew Millen went over the announcement of the Grizzlies' single affiliation with the Iowa Energy!

'Wax shared a beautiful moment he experienced in Memphis during the 4th of July.

Kevin reminded us that Vince Carter is perfectly aware of his age shortly after the Grizzlies signed him.

As we wound our way through a fairly dull off season, the Grizzlies told me that we could be seeing some new alternate uniforms next season!

I told you about the Memphis Grizzlies that roamed the MidSouth long before the NBA came to Hoop City. The WFL's Memphis Southmen and how they came to town.

We now know what's up with the coolest and lamest Memphis Grizzlies jerseys thanks to Raleigh McCool.

Chris Huffines took a look back at Dave Joerger's decision to spurn the Minnesota Timberwolves and stay in Memphis.

Matt Bishop postulated on the idea of our Memphis Grizzlies crossing over into other professional sports.

Hrdlicka with another beauty: Atlanta and Memphis: Two Cities, Two Teams.

I can't explain to you all how much I love the fact that GBB and the Grizzlies are appreciated and cherished by the international community. We have readers and contributors from Spain, Serbia, Australia, the Philippines, Canada and many more countries around the globe. Craig Fielder shared with us his story of being a Memphis Grizzlies fan from the UK.

Jonah Jordan pilfered through the Top 10 What Ifs in Grizzlies History.

With the season gearing up, Mulli went over the details of Maxing Marc.

The Top 10 Things About Going to Grizzlies Games from another new staff addition, Grace Baker.

Marc Gasol starts the season off as a blazing Wendigo, and Ford looked at the possibility of Marc developing a 3-point shot to add to his repertoire.

Mullinax set the world on fire (and garned a follow from the Grindfather) with his beautifully written "To Live and Die with Tony Allen."

I compiled a list of some of the best unofficial Grizzlies t-shirts, and you all ranked them!

Why We Bitch: Understanding the Memphis Dread -- a brilliant introspection on the city from C.Grrrrrbrrr.

Andrew Ford once again schooled us with some awesome film breakdowns after the Grizzlies pulled off the biggest comeback in franchise history against the Sacramento Kings in what I have dubbed the "Hoop City Miracle."

Kevin told us that Vince Carter is going to be just fine (again) ... and lo and behold, turns out Vinsanity still has some juice in the tube.

Bishop compiled a ranker for the best rivalries in the NBA. The rankings from the readers might be a little biased, but I still think it's spot on.

As we witness the Tayshaunaissance this season, Chip Williams interviewed Prince to find out what's going on with his resurgence.

Hrdlicka caps off the year with a poetically inspired production of "There Should Be Stars For Wars Like Ours."


I hope everyone has enjoyed GBB during the course of 2014. We'll be sticking around to do it all again next year.