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Marc Gasol misses practice with flu-like symptoms, probable at Lakers

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

The CDC announced earlier today (or last night ... I don't pay that much attention) that the U.S. is now beyond epidemic levels for influenza (flu). This epidemic has now potentially affected one of the most important people in my life.

When will it end? When we will all learn to wash our hands, cough into the inside of our elbows, stay home when you're throwing up, and not to touch anyone who is complaining about allergies that aren't allergies?!

Of course, Marc might not have the flu at all. And he likely doesn't, not when you're considering that most strains of influenza haven't mutated to the point of being able to infiltrate the immune systems of creatures who consume living human souls for sustenance.

I.e., I'm sure Marc will be ready to rock out on Friday.