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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Houston

Find out how Rockets fans reacted to last night's win over the Grizzlies

The following are actual comments gathered from Houston forums.

How in the world did they dominate the Grizz without 3 starters?

Excellent win tonight. I had them losing this one. So glad they proved me wrong.

30 point lead down to 9.. wtf..

Why couldn't the Grizzlies suck this bad 2 weeks ago???

10-0 run right out of the gate of the 2nd half. We crushed the best team in the NBA with a bunch of reserves?

Calling that timeout when we were down 8-16 seemed to help a lot. Well down for whatever was said during the timeout.

Just shows Memphis might not be as elite as many think. Its a superstar driven league and while the Grizz are a good basketball team, they are lacking a guy that can put the team on his shoulders in the final moments and lead them to victory.

Dmo straight up owned Gasol.

We had a good game plan. We outran the MEM bigs in the 1st half. We also sent our wing players into the lane because they are not a good shotblocking team.

Dmo taking the charge and making Gasol get the tech in frustration... GOLD

You have to start wondering if Howard is a detriment against Memphis. Before Dwight got here, we used to have success against this team by just running and gunning and shooting 3s. With Dwight, he wants post ups and that slows the offense down which plays into Memphis's hand. Dwight needs to learn to adjust.

Hmm..kinda seems like Memphis let us have this one..

We just destroyed the so called best team in the NBA so there is no way that anyone in the media could find a way to excuse this away. We have to get a lot of attention...right?

Everybody left it all on the line tonight. What an amazing win against a team that blew us out in Memphis.

Who is this Jarnell Stokes?