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Grinding Through the Season: Spurs Edition with Chris Itz

Will it ever end? Will this story ever reach its final chapter? Another NBA season with the presence of Gregg Popovich, Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobli, and Tony Parker is in full force. And, it's more of the same. Pounding the Rock writer Chris Itz stops by to talk to us about the Spurs' season thus far, their future, Pops, and the upcoming game Friday night between our beloved Grizzlies and the defending NBA champions!

Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

They are back at it again.

Riding off into the sunset while basking in the glory of another NBA championship was not an option.

Well, maybe it was an option....but it wasn't their option.

Even the elation from the redemption of the devastating heartbreak that was the 2013 NBA Finals must not have provided them with any sort of finality...fulfillment, maybe...a sense of peace, potentially...but not finality.

And thus, the Memphis Grizzlies will face Gregg Popovich and Co. yet again on Friday night.  Tim Duncan is still abusing the glass with his jumpers.  Manu Ginobili is still finding ways to get to the rim and shoot open 3s.  Tony Parker is still slithering and squirming through the lane.  These guys still haven't succumbed fully to Father Time.  They don't want to wholly cement their status in NBA lore quite yet.

They are the benchmark.  The Grizzlies just might gain an understanding of their measurement to it come Friday night.

In the meantime, we are grateful to have Pounding the Rock writer Chris Itz join us to give us some valuable insight into the Spurs' current season, their future, their Hall of Fame coach, and Friday night's showdown.